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FDC circle while making movies

FDC circle while making movies

If a film is made in Bangladesh, it cannot be shown, it must obtain permission from the Censor Board to be screened. If you wish to obtain this authorization, you must bring the letter of no objection from the FDC.

While collecting the no-objection letter, Khandkar Suman, the director of the film ‘Santao’, which is called ‘Golak Dhandha’ by today’s filmmakers, fell into a circle.

To become a client of Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (FDC), Sumon first had to pay Tk 1 lakh. It stops there, members of the Film Directors Association and the Producers Association have to pay a large sum of money to get this letter of no objection.

Suman wrote to the Prime Minister to highlight the whole matter. In his words, “The FDC is not indebted to the film – just to write this in the letter of no objection to a producer: Rs.75,000/- for directors association membership and Rs.1, 05,000/- for membership in producer association, 5,000/- for ancillary fees – Rs.1,00,000/- of BFDC customers and service fees of Rs.10,000/- totaling Rs.2,95,000/- .

In the past, the film production of the country was centered on the FDC, but now the situation has changed a lot. Many independent films are being made, the directors of which do not even go to the FDC, but they must go to the FDC when the film is released.

“Why do films made outside of the FDC have to obtain the FDC’s no-objection? Does it make sense to require more than 80% of filmmakers to obtain the FDC’s no-objection certificate for less than 20% of films? done in the FDC? The Censorship Board did not give me an answer to such a question,” Suman said, adding that the film censorship law also does not have the question of the letter of no. -objection of the FDC.

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