Featured in ‘lewd’ music video, two actresses hit with hot rod


Featured in ‘lewd’ music video, two actresses hit with hot rod

Two actresses have been beaten by disbelievers for starring in lewd music videos and uploading them to YouTube. Not only that, it has also been alleged that these two actresses were subjected to a hot rod. This sensational incident happened in Khardah of the north of the twenty-four Parganas of West Bengal. News18 published the news.

Media reported that a song called “Rasgolla” was recently uploaded to YouTube. It stars model actress Sri Bhadra and Santri Mitra. Within days, the views of this song reached over 1 lakh. Several people have commented on YouTube that this video is obscene. He also threatened to kill these two actresses. They ignored this threat. Instead, he threw a party at a friend’s house in the Dopere area of ​​North Twenty-four Parganas on Sunday, September 18 to celebrate the song’s success. And they announced this news on Facebook Live earlier.

Sri Bhadra and Sanntri Mitra reached Dopere area last night to join the party. After getting out of the car, two youths came out of the street and attacked them. They alleged that two people were beaten with something like a hot rod. Shri Bhadra’s right arm and chest were hit. Unbelievers hit the head of Santri Mitra. Other than that, the abuse is done in inaudible language. They attacked and fled on motorbikes.

Shortly after the attack, Santri Mitra started bleeding from his ear. At some point he lost consciousness. Later, these two actresses were taken to Bandipur health center with the help of locals. Later, they filed a complaint at the Rahra police station. Although the local police could not arrest anyone.

Mr Bhadra said – “Nobody has any objection if a Bollywood star makes this kind of video.” A non-famous artist has his account blocked immediately; They were attacked. This applies not only to women but also to men. And if it’s a woman, then the problem is over.

This incident has now become the “talk of the town” in West Bengal. Many in the showbiz arena protested this. The president of the women’s commission Leena Ganguly, the actress Aparajita Adhya and the actor Bharat Kall confided on the question.

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