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Feels like a budding artist: Bindu

Feels like a budding artist: Bindu

Afsan Ara Bindu’s journey in showbiz began with beauty contests. It happened 16 years ago. After that, he came to the screen of dramatic cinema and spread his fascination. Her sparkling smile, magical gaze and fluent acting captured the hearts of the audience. Worked steadily for many years. But after his marriage in 2014, he went into hiding.

After eight long years, Bindu is back in front of the camera, in the world of light action. Act in a web movie. The name is ‘Nine 20’. It is produced by Mizanur Rahman Aryan of “Out of Network” fame. Actor Arifin Shubo is opposite Bindu in the film.

Currently, the shooting of the film is taking place in different locations in Dhaka. In the meantime, news of the release has been received. It will be released on New Year’s Valentine’s Day.

Afsan Ara Bindu Bindur appears to be a new artist after returning to acting after a long spell. He commented, “I came back to the camera after 8 years. I feel like a budding artist. However, I am overwhelmed with the love and respect I receive from day one of filming from the director, co-artists and crew. It’s nice to see people who worked regularly before. As an artist, I work for the moment by listening to the director. The rest will be after the movie comes out.

Arifin Shuvo is optimistic about ‘Nine 20’. He said, “Everyone has started a good job together. Nothing can be said about the story at this time. But we will try to present a hundred percent good work from our side to the public. The rest will depend on time, the audience and the creators.

According to director Aryan, this film is about love, humor and songs. The audience will feel comfortable. This 90-minute film will be released on an OTT platform in the country.

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