Ferdous-Purnima gave good news

Ferdous-Purnima gave good news

Ferdous and Poornima are two popular Dhaka movie stars. Outside of the professional relationship, the two are close friends. Besides acting, these two stars have also presented. That too in pairs.

A few days ago, they starred in a government-sponsored film together. The name is ‘Life in Diet’. It is directed by Chhatku Ahmed.

Ferdous has previously acted in government-funded films. But this is the first full moon. The movie is almost finished. After the movie ‘Ahare Jiban’, these two stars have not been seen together in any other movie.

Ferdous and Purnima announced good news to the fans.

Ferdous and Purnima recently shared that they are preparing to star in a stage show together. I already have the job offer. But Purnima is a judge on a cooking reality show.
He was busy at the beginning of this year for the filming of this. This too is almost finished. Now start the show on stage.

In this context, Ferdous said, “In the meantime, Purnima and I have been invited to work together in some stage shows. But since Purnima was busy with reality TV shows, we couldn’t work together anymore. But now it is hoped that soon we can play together in some stage shows.

Meanwhile, Ferdous has said he will be traveling to Kolkata soon to star in a new movie. He will also work on some Bangladeshi films after returning from there.

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