FIFA World Cup 2022 | FIFA World Cup 2022: Wales won anthem fight with England dgtl

FIFA World Cup 2022 | FIFA World Cup 2022: Wales won anthem fight with England dgtl

Two countries side by side. England and Wales play together in the Olympics and cricket. Again, in some sports like football they are adversaries. The competition is therefore strong. England and Wales head to the FIFA World Cup stage on Tuesday. Before that, Wales will enter the pitch having won one.


The two countries will face off at 12:30 p.m. Indian time on Tuesday. In accordance with the rules, everyone will sing their own national anthem. Wales beat England in this national anthem battle. Some musicians in England and Germany did a study a few years ago. There is a list of all national anthems. We see that people are more comfortable singing any song. This is called the ‘Singability List’. France tops the list. Their national anthem ‘La Marseillaise’ is the most accepted. The words of the last football world cup champions are also accepted as the best.

Second on the list is the national anthem of Wales, “Land of My Fathers”. They gave 10 goals to the British national anthem “God Save the Queen”. Because “God Save the Queen” is number two from the bottom of this list. Alison Pauley, associated with this study, said of the British national anthem: “The melody of the song is such that not everyone can sing it. Especially those whose throats don’t lift. And the song is not something that everyone can completely relate to.”

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According to the survey, not only the melody but also the lyrics of the British national anthem cannot inspire people. ‘God Save The Queen’ is a non-country song. The “Land of my fathers” of Wales echoes the culture of the country. But the song “God Save the Queen” is about Queen Elizabeth’s health and keeping her on the throne for as long as she is on the throne. After 70 years, however, this emotion is no longer available, according to the survey.


After the Queen’s death, the British national anthem is now “God Save the King”. “God Save the Queen” was sung during the lifetime of King Charles’ mother. This song was not very popular. An organization called “YouGov” carried out a poll on this issue in 2012. While 70% of those polled favored the royal family, a large percentage said they disliked the national anthem.

Although “God Save the King” is called the national anthem, there is no mention of it in law, so where England plays, any other song can be used. In 2010, the Commonwealth Games Council for England asked the public which of the three songs “God Save the Queen”, “Jerusalem” and “Land of Hope and Glory” should be the England team anthem. “Jerusalem” came out on top with 52% of the vote. It is a very popular song from this country. This song is heard at most events in England. Sir Hubert Perry’s music inspires everyone. But the lyrics of this song, written by William Blake, are not exactly worthy of being a national anthem.

According to the lyrics, Jesus Christ set foot in England, wandering the west of the country. But none of that happened. According to many, “The Dark Satanic Mills” that Blake refers to in the lyrics is the Cathedral Church. What the writer was not a fan of. There is one more obstacle to making this song the national anthem. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. The name of this song is also the same. It is difficult to agree to name the national anthem after the capital of another country.

As a national anthem, ‘I Vow to My Country’ could therefore be an alternative. It was composed by Gustav Holst. But it is a bit difficult for the king to accept this song as the national anthem. His late wife Diana chose this song for their wedding. The song was also sung at Diana’s funeral after her death. The lyrics of this poem by Cecil Spring Rice do not speak of a secular mind. This poem links the ideal of patriotism to the Christian concept of spiritual salvation. Also this song is not easy to sing like ‘Rule, Britannia’ or ‘Land of Hope and Glory’. The song “I Vow to the My Country” was written during World War I. The importance of this song is much higher than the national anthem. This song is very much related to the services offered on Commonwealth Day.

There is a battle between the English and the Welsh (people of Wales) and the Scots over the national anthem. Michael Flanders and Donald Swan wrote several satirical songs about this fight. From the late 1950s to the early 1960s, they produced several satirical songs. Of these, ‘The Hippopotamus Song’ became famous. On this, Flanders said: “I don’t know if it’s ever been thought about, but England don’t have a national anthem.” I speak only of England. Other countries have their own national anthems. There are words from their own country in this song. The songs of the Scots, the Irish, the Welsh speak well of their country and speak badly of England in their own language.”

Flanders and Swan wrote a satirical song about England. They also talked about considering this song as the national anthem. They wrote: “The English, the English, the English and the best. In this song they sing England’s victory song and condemn the Irish, the Scots, the Welsh. It was all sarcasm. Their song had a line: “The English are moral, the English are good, and smart and modest and misunderstood.” That is to say, the English are moral, the English are good and they are intelligent, honest, the English are just misunderstood. They used this line sarcastically.

But one thing is true – the English don’t have a song of their own when the national anthem is sung in the world of sport. “God Save the King” is the national anthem of Britain, not England. Many think they should have their own anthem like other countries. According to many English people, their national anthem never has a head start. Nationality has no meaning. In a survey by the organization YouGov, many people said England’s national anthem was boring, depressing and pessimistic.

This means that when Gareth Bale and his compatriots sing “Glad, Glad” (Wales’ national anthem) ahead of the World Cup match between England and Wales on Tuesday, they will know they have beaten Harry Kanes. It doesn’t matter the outcome of the match.

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