FIFA World Cup: did not increase as expected


FIFA World Cup: did not increase as expected

Dhaka: The 22nd season of the FIFA World Cup will start in just three days. The whole world celebrates this international event, it also affected Bangladesh.

As the World Cup approaches, fans want to enjoy their favorite team’s game on new TVs. And so the sale of television is increasing at the moment. While other times TV sales have exploded ahead of the FIFA World Cup, this time they have dwindled. TVs are not selling as expected.

On the ground, we have seen in the showrooms of various brands in the capital, that sellers have fitted out the display of new television models on the occasion of the Football World Cup. Give discounts and freebies on products. Still, there are no buyers as expected. A few stores are selling, but most stores are empty. Sellers are very disappointed.

People aren’t showing much interest in buying TVs due to the economic downturn, dollar crisis, inability to open LCs, predictions of famine and high prices, sellers say. Good sales expected around T20 Cricket World Cup and FIFA World Cup but sales not as expected.

Gulistan Stadium Market is one of the largest electronics markets in the capital. Panasonic Md. Brand Showroom Manager With Ivan Sikder. He said that on the occasion of the FIFA World Cup, they give up to 10% discount on their televisions. Still no sale. Two come each, for the projector.

Sirajus Salekin Parag, head of Sony Rango’s stadium division, said TV sales were worse than normal. Due to rising commodity prices and economic recession, people do not show much interest in buying TVs. On the occasion of the Football World Cup, we launched the “Spin and Win” offer. It has cashback benefits ranging from 700 to 10,000 taka. Still not many buyers.

Sony Bravia showroom manager Abu Bakar says TV is a hobby. People are currently struggling to meet their basic needs. Apart from that, the price of TV is a bit higher due to economic recession, dollar crisis and non-opening of LC. So even if the sales are a little higher than usual on the occasion of the World Cup, it’s not as expected.

Saidur Rahman, director of the stadium branch of Merchant Television, said people no longer have the same purchasing power as before. Where people can’t eat rice properly, how to buy TV?

Rakib Akand, deputy manager of the stadium branch of the Samsung brand, said sales had increased somewhat. However, before the FIFA World Cup, sales are not as expected. We offer a discount of Rs 3,000 to Rs 15,000 on our products. To attract people. Even buyers don’t get many responses. Moreover, the World Cup is only a few days away. So there is no hope of increasing sales.

Mesbah Uddin Razi, Deputy Director of Hi-Tech Park Brand Minister, said that earlier during the FIFA World Cup, TV sales were booming in the stadium market. This moment felt like the joy of Eid. But this time, there is not even a drop. People don’t want to spend extra money buying TVs with the thought of starvation.

However, Tanzin Ahmed Khan, CO of another Sony Bravia subsidiary in the same market, said, “We only sell TVs and home theaters.” Our sales are therefore slightly better during the football world cup. Previously, two to three TVs were sold daily, now it’s five to six. Depending on the size and model of the TV, we give discounts ranging from 10,000 to 20,000 to buyers. Apart from that, I also donate jerseys and cups of my favorite team. Free home delivery is also available nationwide.

Dhaka University official Anand Kumar Das came to this showroom with his wife and two sons to buy a television. He bought a 43-inch Sony TV to watch the soccer World Cup with his family on a new TV. When asked, he said that even though Bangladesh did not participate in the World Cup, their atmosphere is in every room. So I bought a new television to watch this football World Cup with my family members. Apart from this, TV companies offer various discounts during the FIFA World Cup. So I chose this time to replace the old television.

Former Dhaka businessman Tanjim Hossain came to buy a TV to enjoy the soccer world cup with his friends. He said the FIFA World Cup was synonymous with madness. I watch the game with my friends since childhood. I will see again. So I bought a new television.

Meanwhile, on the occasion of the FIFA World Cup, TVs are selling quite well, said Konkar Stadium branch manager Mehdi Hasan. He said that previously one to five TVs were sold per month. Now 12-15 have been sold on the occasion of the World Cup. Sales could increase in these few days.

Although not as expected, home-brand Walton TVs are selling well. Alal Khan Shubo, sales manager of Walton Showroom at Stadium Market, said that previously, on average, one or two TVs were sold every day. Now three to four are sold every day. But I expected a lot more television sales for the football World Cup. We’re a bit disappointed that it doesn’t conform to that.

Bangladesh time 1045 hours, November 17, 2022

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