Film ‘Jaya and Sharmin’ of the unknown world of two women


Film ‘Jaya and Sharmin’ of the unknown world of two women

Jaya Ahsan, movie poster and Mohsina Akhtar

Jaya Ahsan’s new movie ‘Jaya ar Sharmin’ is the popular two Bengali actress. It is directed by Piplu R Khan.

Its story and script are co-written by Piplu Khan and Nusrat Islam Mati.

Jaya had already informed about the film on Facebook. However, on Thursday night (08 September), he announced his name. He also released the movie poster.

Jaya Ahsan himself played the role of Jaya in the film. Popular theater actress Mohsina Akhtar played the role of Sharmin.

On her verified Facebook page, Jaya wrote about the movie, “Finally, Jaya and Sharmin.” A photo of two women in an unknown world. A documentation of our internal conflicts and our hidden and unspoken feelings. A small photo taken at a strange moment, in an extraordinary experience; But I hope it will arouse your feelings. ‘

He also wrote, “I am Jaya in the role of “Jaya” and the talented theater artist Mohsina played the role of “Sharmin”. My best wishes for him. We wish you all the best on this journey. ‘

Jaya has yet to announce the film’s release date. The film is produced by Piplu R Khan’s Apple Box, Abu Shahed Eamon’s Box Office Multimedia and Jaya’s CT Cinema.

Bangladesh time: 2150 hours, 08 September 2022

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