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Film work in progress: Tareen

Film work in progress: Tareen

Tareen Jahan is a famous domestic showbiz actress, model and singer. Not one or two, this popular actress has worked in a hundred dramas from producer Chayanika Chowdhury.

The 100th drama is called “Cancer Partner”. Filming for the drama wrapped recently. It is written by Shafiqur Rahman from the story of Mithila Masuma

Speaking of the director-actor duo, Tareen said, “We didn’t even know how the number reached one hundred. When Boudi (Chainika Chowdhury) said after going to shoot – ‘This is our hundredth single drama’. That number is a unique game. We have dramatic soap operas, TV movies without counting them. Not a surprise, but a wonderful experience.

According to Tareen, it is only possible to reach such a milestone if there is a good relationship between a director and an artist. He said it’s possible when there’s a good relationship, understanding, respect or faith in the work between the director and the artist.

Expressing her gratitude to producer Chayanika Chowdhury, the actress said she always chooses me whenever a great story or character script comes her way. Saw many stories shared with me, not worked. I said, Boudi, work with someone else, I also work with another producer. But in turn, we worked. I think that belief was why so many things happened together.

But the biggest support is the public. Commenting on this, Tareen said, “It’s not possible for an artist to do so much if my audience isn’t supporting and giving love.”

Apart from acting, Tareen has also sung in dramas. He shared part of Smriti’s Halkhata like this – Chayanika also sang in Boudi’s piece. Not only that, the title track of the play was also sung. It was written by Arun Chowdhury and composed by Bappa Muzamdar. I also sang in soap operas. Where I played the role of a singer. I was wonderful in drama. Long journey, many have many beautiful memories of our shoot. Maybe I’ll just go there and reminisce.

In 1985, Tareen Jahan became the first in the National Cultural Talent Search competition for New Buds Acting, Dancing and Storytelling. Since then, he started working on the small screen as a child artist. Then in 1988, he starred as a child in the serial drama Sansapta based on the novel by Shahidullah Kaiser. He first played the lead role opposite Taukeer Ahmed in the drama Kanthal Buri, which was the first drama to air on Bangladesh’s premier satellite channel, ATN Bangla.

Since then, over the days, this actor has become more skillful and fulfilled. In this respect, he says, it is the love of all, and nothing else.

Tareen thinks it’s important to be healthy not only physically, but also mentally. According to him, not being an artist, the greatest blessing of all is to be in good health. It is important to be healthy not only physically but also mentally. For this, stay away from negativity as much as possible, think positive, do positive work. To seek the good without harming others, to stay away from bad or dishonest company, to work for society and the country. And in the industry I work in, doing good with little effort.

About the current engagement, the popular actress said, a daily soap opera airs on Global TV ‘Nirdosh’. broadcast Sunday through Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. ‘Swarnamanab 5’ was promoted on Samprit Customs Day. I played the role of customs officer for the first time through this play under the direction of SA Haque Olik. Previously, I played the role of a policeman in ‘Sahsika’. Additionally, “Sahsik 2” will be streamed on Deepta Play on Tuesday, January 31.

Tareen is going to work in a movie soon. In this regard, he said, I will work in a film in the future. It is being prepared.

Tareen comments on the work of the 90s and today times and people’s mentality have changed. Sincerely, with love, our workplace was a family. Now there is more fuss in the fuss, so the place of sincerity may be less. I will not say at all, there are but professionalism has increased there. Before thinking about everyone, now maybe we think about ourselves. That’s the difference, apart from that I don’t see any particular difference.

Bangladesh time: 2159 hours, January 31, 2021

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