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Finally free ‘Faraj’, still imprisoned ‘Saturday afternoon’

Finally free ‘Faraj’, still imprisoned ‘Saturday afternoon’

The setting of both films is the same; In 2016, the incident of the terrorist attack on Holy Artisan in Gulshan. But a High Court in Delhi was granted permission to publish, another “image” remained in the shadow of the Bangladesh Censor Board for four years!

Two films respectively – ‘Faraz’ (Bollywood) and ‘Saturday Afternoon’ (Dhaliwood).

Let’s start with the country. Mustafa Saryar Faroo, who produced “Saturday Afternoon” in 2019. It was submitted to the Film Censor Board that year. The film’s release was stalled due to various dramas. Four years have passed since then. There were letters, protests, press conferences; But ‘Saturday Afternoon’ could not break the shackles of the censors.

The film was recently reviewed by members of the Film Censor’s Appeal Board and issued a “no ban” decision.

But even then, Shike wasn’t torn by the fate of “Saturday Afternoon.” The film is imprisoned in the censor’s prison. Chairman of the Censorship Board, Information Secretary said about the latest situation. Humayun Kabir Khondkar said, “The censor board will think a little more about the film. Board members will be seated in front. Then, if they decide, we will publish the letter.

Mustafa Sarayer Farouqi According to people in the film industry, the message of permission will not reach Mustafa Saryar Faruqi’s door. Therefore, even with intense anger, the creator is helpless without patience. He said, “On February 3, ‘Saturday Afternoon’ couldn’t be aired. Because we haven’t received the certificate yet. We might be impatient with this very bad deed. But we have to be patient. Because we know what our purpose is. We may be delayed, we may be hurt, but we cannot be broken. Because we have risen from the depths of real dreams and red-blue into the flames of this nation. There is will be ten instead of three, but you can’t control the Damal boys of Bengal!”

Along with this, the director also warned that those who withheld the film “illegally” will have to respond.

Now let’s look at the other side of the currency, namely the neighboring country, India. “Faaraaz” by Hansal Mehta is released in the country on Friday February 3 on the pre-scheduled date. The release of this film also caused a sensation. Bangladesh’s Avinta Kabir Foundation filed a lawsuit to block the film’s release. The case was heard in stages. Finally, Thursday, February 2, the Delhi High Court ruled that there was no obstacle to the release of “Faraj”.

However, the country’s court issued an instruction. In other words, the disclaimer must mention that the film is inspired by the Holy Artisan terrorist attack, but its elements are “purely fictional”.

Hansal Mehta Confirming the news of the release, director Hansal Mehta said that on Friday, “Faaraz” will screen in select theaters in a limited lineup. Juhi Babbar, Aamir Ali, Aditya Rawal, Jahan Kapoor and others starred in this movie. It is produced by T Series and Banaras Media Works.

‘Faraj’ Movie Reference: Times Now

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