Finally this subah hits the cinema screen – Dainik Amader Shomoy


Finally this subah hits the cinema screen – Dainik Amader Shomoy

Subah Shah Humaira. Photo: taken from Facebook

Newcomer Subah Shah Humaira entered the world of money thanks to director Rafiq Shikdar’s film “Basant Bickel”. But before the film was released, this actress came to the meeting claiming to be the former lover of cricketer Nasir Hossain. He rose to fame nationwide with Facebook Live and various statuses. Then last year, Subah made headlines after marrying singer Ilyas Hossain.

Subah finally makes her debut as a heroine. His first film “Basant Bickel” is released on September 30. This was confirmed by the filmmaker and the heroine herself. It features actor Shipan Mitra opposite Subah.

Subah said, “This is my first film. Many memories are associated with him. The film’s release was delayed for several days due to various complications. Finally, the public will see the film on the 30th. We will go to promote the film in a day or two. This is my first film to come out. So there’s a lot of love working around that. I am very optimistic about this.

This actress said that the work of 6 films in which she starred was completed. They will be published very soon.

Meanwhile, in the film ‘Basant Bickel’, the story of the dreams, frustrations and lamentations of three people belonging to a minority will emerge. In addition to Shipon and Subah, Omar Sani, Shahnoor, Sucharita, Tanveer Tanu, Shiva Sanu and many others acted there. Renowned filmmaker Amitabh Reza Chowdhury plays a special role. Actor Aman Reza and actress Tanha Tasnia also played guest roles.

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