Finland’s prime minister acquitted over leaked dance video


Finland’s prime minister acquitted over leaked dance video

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin was finally cleared for breaching customs duties. The country’s prime minister, Sana Marino, was the subject of a huge outcry after a party video leaked last August. In the leaked video, she can be seen dancing and singing with some of the country’s celebrities and her friends.

Sana Marin came under fire from opposition parties during this incident. He then took a drug test and his results came back negative.

The 36-year-old Prime Minister himself began to struggle to resolve the issue. Dozens of complaints were filed because Marin’s behavior had damaged Finland’s “reputation and security”.

But Judge Tumas Paestir concluded that Marin had not neglected his duties as prime minister. After the official inquiry, he said: ‘There is no reason to suspect that the Prime Minister acted unlawfully in the performance of his duties or in breach of official duties.’

Earlier, he denied taking drugs at a press conference after the dance song video leaked. “I didn’t do anything illegal,” he told a press conference in Helsinki.

Sana Marin likes to lead a very normal life. He does not hide his parties and is often seen at music festivals. He also apologized for going to a club and partying after coming into contact with someone infected with the coronavirus last year.

Sana Marin has been in power since December 2019. At that time, he was only 34 years old. Marin is expected to join other world leaders at the COP27 climate summit in Egypt next week.

Source: BBC


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