Firebold’s exclusive headphones for gamers

Firebold’s exclusive headphones for gamers

The popularity of true wireless headphones is increasing day by day. From world famous companies to small ones, everyone is busy making smart products. Headphones are gaining popularity based on price and features. But there is another aspect that users look at. That’s how long it can be worn comfortably. Companies also aim for this.

This time, Firebold has brought special headphones for gamers to the Indian market. The new wireless stereo earphones are named Fire Pods Ninja 601. According to the company, this new earphone is designed for gamers. The headphones will provide up to 30 hours of battery life when fully charged.

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The Fire Pods Ninja 601 headphones have a 38ms low latency gaming mode. The earphone has an in-ear design with ANC and ENC technology and stem. It also has slightly curved tips and a hook to stay firmly in the ear.

10mm full range dynamic drivers are used in these headphones. In addition, the earphone has active noise cancellation and environmental noise cancellation technology. The user can even control the headphones via touch controls and there is an LED indicator light on the top of its charging case.

The headphones have Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity. The company claims that the headphones are capable of delivering up to 30 hours of battery life on a single charge. And each of its headphones will last up to 6 hours. You can choose the earphone in these two color options, black and white. The price of the earphone in the Indian market is Rs 1,299. In the currency of Bangladesh, which is only 1,662 taka.

Source: Times of India


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