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First Bangladeshi on his way to the Grammys

First Bangladeshi on his way to the Grammys

The Berkley Indian Ensemble’s debut album, “Shuruat,” was nominated for the 65th Grammy Awards. The album features the song “Jago Piya” sung by young Bangladeshi singer Armin Musa and written by his mother, famous musician Nazrul Nasheed Kamal. With this nomination, they brought Bangladesh to the most prestigious event in the world of music for the first time. “Shuruat” is nominated in the “Best Global Music Album” category, with four other albums vying for the top prize. The 65th Grammy Awards will take place at Crypto Arena in Los Angeles on February 5.

Jago Piya, Shurwat and Bengali culture
Jago Piya song lyrics are-

Leave the words of yesterday behind / Rub the rays of the sun in your eyes and light a new fire / Step forward / Say the arrival of a new day / Wake up Piya and don’t sleep, tune your heart… .

In April 2016, the song ‘Jago Piya’ was released in Armin’s voice. Later, the organizers included it in the album ‘Shuruat’ released this year. This album contains 10 songs from famous composer-artists like Ustad Zakir Hossain, Shreya Ghoshal, Shankar Mahadevan, Vijay Prakash. Artists, instrumentalists and entertainers from 17 countries around the world worked with Armin on the song ‘Jago Piya’. In the video for the song, the Bengali culture is showcased in the costumes of the artists, instrumentalists as well as the lyrics and tunes. Jordanian violinist Laith Sadiq is seen strumming the violin with a towel slung over his shoulder; From Sanjana Raja from Chennai to Raidiya Reynold from Switzerland, from Jonathan Lee from Malaysia to Zogeb Gabi from Israel – all have adorned themselves with the towel that has become an integral part of Bengali. Maybe that’s why after ‘Shuruat’ name entered the Grammy nomination list, ‘Jago Piya’ is more discussed than the rest of the songs on the album!

Step back a little
Although the album was released this year, Armin’s song was released almost six years ago. Armin had just graduated from Berklee College of Music. Armin was asked to perform an original song as part of the program. Armin plans to do the song in Bengali to show his language to the world. There is an interesting story behind the creation of the song. Armin takes the tune of the song and asks his mother Nasheed Kamal to write a song. Nasheed Kamal was watching a movie. After hearing the sound, the mother thought, “Wake up, wake up.” To encourage her daughter, she said in the lyrics, “Leave the words of yesterday.” Then mother Nasheed Kamal rearranged the lyrics in just two and a half minutes. And that two-and-a-half-minute song propelled Bangladesh onto the Grammy stage! The lyricist of the song basically wants to give the message of people moving forward.

In search of roots
Who does not know the legendary folk singer Abbasuddin Ahmed! Nasheed Kamal is the granddaughter of this legend. Discussed musician Nazrul is a professor of demography but his ups and downs are with music. He is also a singer, songwriter and composer. It has been associated with music for over four decades. His daughter Armeen Musa was one of the most popular musicians of the time and a Bangladeshi student at Berklee College of Music and Visva Bharati’s trainee in Indian classical music. He received critical acclaim for several songs including “Bhramar Kaio Giya”, “Lona Deyal”. Armin sings, writes and conducts music.

The mother is the inspiration
Lyricist and artist Armin Musa started his musical journey in 2008 with his debut album “Ai Ghom Banggai”. In the words of this hardworking and confident artist, “I’m looking for something that I haven’t found yet.” However, he considers his mother to be the biggest inspiration in his life. In her words, “I’m actually a crazy girl. My mother is my biggest inspiration. For mom, life is music. His whole life was devoted only to music. My mother also influenced my artistic life. I always saw my mother as someone who was ahead of her time. So let’s say, my inspiration is everywhere my mother.

Armin in the Grass Hopper and the Grasshopper Choir
Growing up in music, Armin formed a band called “Armin in the Grass Hopper” with his friends at that age. Impossible to forget the name of the group even at that time. So, in a new twist, he named his singing group the “Grasshopper Choir.”

Occupation and future dreams
Armin is pursued by the commotion. That is why he is immersed in state work. His album “Live From Space” was released on July 24 this year. From this album, Armin released a new song every week until September 25. He wishes to continue this work in the future. Along with this, he writes poetry and continues to practice recitation regularly. And the song team is also thinking of an album with Grasshopper Choir. Armin is an amazing music man. So his meditation and knowledge is about music. He wants to present better songs to Shreta in the future. However, after Covid there was a huge shift in his mind and he started writing poetry. This dreamer wants to work with poetry in the future!

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