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First movie song ‘Nasek Nasek’ by singer Animesh

First movie song ‘Nasek Nasek’ by singer Animesh

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Animesh Roy. Photo: Collected

“> First movie song 'Nasek Nasek' by singer Animesh

Animesh Roy. Photo: Collected

Animesh Roy sang a song called “Sonar Maan” in the movie “Naaya Manoos” directed by Sohail Rana Bayati. This is the first movie song sung by him. The lyrics of the song are written by Sujan Hajong, the music and music composed by Emon Chowdhury.

Director Sohel Rana Bayati said, “The song is planned with the artist and lyricist for 3 years. Music directors like Emon Chowdhury joined later. He is our pride, it is a pleasure to work with him.’

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Animesh Roy said, “I gave my voice to the first song of Bhagyban Jeevan’s music conducted by Eamon Bhai. In fact, it is not possible to express this feeling with words.

Eamon Chowdhury said, “I have a different love for films from our country. The film ‘Naya Manhoo’ is made about the marginalized people of the country. I arranged the song according to the atmosphere related to the life of people in Char region.

Based on the Baloch story by Bednar Baluchar from A Ma M Hasanuzzaman, screenplay by Masum Raza, cinematography by Kamal Chandra Das, the film stars Raonak Hassan, Moushumi Hamid, Ashish Khandkar, Jhuna Chodhuri, Nilufar Wahid, Badruddoza, Samar Saha , Shikha Karmkar, Mahin Rahman, Mehran Sanjana, Parveen Paru, Mary and child artist Ushshi.

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