First television studio in Bangladesh named after artist

First television studio in Bangladesh named after artist

The television studio was built in the name of legendary artist Mustafa Monwar. The studio’s artistic plaque was unveiled on Saturday (December 24). The studio is called ‘Mustafa Monwar Studio’.

Artist Mustafa Manowar is a multi-talented artist, television personality and teacher. He has an important role in the development of Bangladesh Television. He gave a new dimension to the puppet industry of Bangladesh.

It is the first time in Bangladesh that such a studio has been built in the name of an artist in a television channel. The studio’s artistic nameplate was created by artist Azharul Islam Chanchal.

Artist Mustafa Manowar said of such an initiative: “I don’t know where to start. Such a great honor has been done to me, I did not know it! This honor motivates me again strangely. It seems that I returned to television. Today’s honor will be my path for the rest of my life.

Faridur Reza Sagar, Managing Director of Channel Eye, said, “Channel Eye embodies the traditional art and culture of Bangladesh. What we learned from Bangladesh Television. We always try to follow the teachings and rituals from there. One of those who taught us television is Mustafa Monwar. We are happy to honor this teacher on the eve of Bangladesh Television’s 58th anniversary (December 25).

A puppet show was organized in addition to the speeches of the geniuses.

It is reported that Channel I Head Office Studio No. 4 will now be known as ‘Mustafa Monowar Studio’. whose activities were already there, only the name-identity has changed.

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