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Forgetting Kiara Advani, Siddharth was mad at how beautiful Nora Fatehi did such a thing from behind.

Forgetting Kiara Advani, Siddharth was mad at how beautiful Nora Fatehi did such a thing from behind.

Siddharth Malhotra’s relationship with Kiara Advani is not unknown to anyone. They are often in the media because of their relationships. Their on-screen chemistry is also eye-catching. After starring in the movie ‘Shershah’, the rumor increased even more. But this time, not with Kiara Advani, but with one of Bollywood’s most beautiful actresses, Nora Fatehi, her chemistry caught the public’s attention. For now, this pair of on-screen stars is practiced among the media as well as moviegoers according to this formula.

Recently, the trailer for “Thank God” directed by Indra Kumar was released. Within 2 days more than 3 million people viewed. The trailer begins with Siddharth’s accident. After that, the actor met Zamlo. This is where the game of life begins. Siddharth’s pairing with Nora caught the eye for even a few seconds in this trailer. And since then, this new on-screen Bollywood pair has been making a lot of noise.

Rakul Preet will be seen as Siddharth’s wife in this upcoming film. According to the character in the film, he will play the role of a policeman in the film. Also, Ajay Devgn will be seen as Chitragupta in this movie. It’s clear that Indra Kumar is trying to present a film with a slightly different taste to his audience. “Thank God” is going to come out this Diwali. This movie will be in theaters from October 25, 2022. Although the trailer for the movie got some attention, everyone is waiting to see how much attention the whole movie will grab. public.

Since the release of the said movie poster, it was understood that Akshay Kumar’s ‘Ram Setu’ was going to have a strong clash with ‘Thank God’ this Diwali. We hear that Akshay Kumar’s ‘Ram Setu’ may be releasing this Diwali. However, it goes without saying that this box office clash will not be very good for the two films. Of course, everyone agrees. Because this year, Ajay Devgn gave the audience a flop movie like ‘Runway 34’. Besides, Akshay Kumar has scored a hat trick while starring in several flop films. His recent movie “Rakhi Bandhan” also failed to please the audience. In this situation, if there is a clash between Thank God and Ram Setu, it goes without saying that it will be detrimental for both parties. Now it’s only a matter of time.

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