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Freddy An Action Hero’ Film Review Release Kartik Aaryan Chilling Thriller

Freddy An Action Hero’ Film Review Release Kartik Aaryan Chilling Thriller

Amit Bhatia, Bombay: The practice around the film was long ago. Kartik (Kartik Aaryan), who made a splash in Bollywood with his chocolate hero looks, surprised everyone with his unique performance in this film.

Powerful thriller. Karthik in a character given in the book Shitala Srot with Shirdanda. The name of the film is ‘Freddy’ (Freddy). This film was released on the popular OTT platform “Disney Plus Hotstar”. Alaya F opposite him in the film.

The public saw Karthik Aryan as a romantic hero. He also won in comedy. Karthik’s actor Sattva in Bhulbhulaiya 2 left the audience hopeful. Many thought Karthik should do something new this time around. He did and hit a six. Karthik has never been seen in such a role before. It can be called the best performance of Karthik’s career so far.

Movie story: This film tells the story of a dentist named Freddie, whom the girls absolutely do not like. Doctor Babu is also afraid to talk to girls. But then he sees a girl and starts to like her. The girl also joined Doctor Babu Karthik in following the flow of the story. By caring for his teeth. Then the story takes unexpected turns. Story twists won’t let you leave the screen. One twist after another, then murder! Then things take a turn, something you can’t even imagine is happening. Fear of fear. Freddie can do it! The public cannot think. With every twist, Freddy will captivate the audience, sending shivers through the body.

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Acting: Karthik will surprise with his performance in the film. A boy who is afraid to say his name in front of girls, a character, what else could happen, the audience will wonder. Karthik’s performance will mesmerize you. After watching this movie, you will feel that Karthik now has a great acting field. Wait for the bat to play one inning after another. After the Chocolate Hero, he also made a name for himself in comic roles. Now Freddy. Overall, this film can be called a dazzlingly entertaining package.

Actress Alaya Fo did a good job in this movie. The way his character changes color will amaze the audience. This film can also be called Alaya’s best film. We can say that Karthik and Alaya have done their best so far.

manage- The film is directed by Shashank Ghosh. Who produced movies like ‘Bheere Di Wedding’ and ‘Khubsurate’. Munsiana’s impression is also evident in this new look film. The twists and turns of the story every moment will keep the audience captivated. What’s in the picture? Nothing unexpected happens and this is the specialty of this film.

All in all, it’s a different kind of movie that you’ll definitely enjoy, that’s for sure. The movie is on Disney Plus Hotstar. If you’re a Karthik fan, you won’t miss a thing. And it’s safe to say that this film will create many new Karthik fans.

Evaluation – 4/5 stars

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