From Ambani’s maid to today’s actress, the identity of the heroine remains


From Ambani’s maid to today’s actress, the identity of the heroine remains

Entertainment desk: Rakhi Sawant is known as the “Drama Queen” of Bollywood. If we persevere and luck smiles on us, success will come one day. This controversial Bollywood actress has proven it once again. The polemic and the criticism do not want to leave it behind.


If luck is with a person, that person will see the light of success. Rakhi Sawant proved it once again. She has already worked as a housekeeper in the family of Mukesh Ambani. And today, this girl has captured the hearts of countless Indians with her acting and dancing style.

The journey of Rakhi Sawant, a 10-year-old girl, has not been easy. He came from a very simple and poor family. Her mother was a hospital administrator and her father a police officer. He came from a very conservative family. However, he was fond of dancing since childhood. But her family never allowed her to dance.

His uncle even cut his hair so he couldn’t participate in any dances. But Rakhi Sawant never let his dream die. Unexpectedly, he left home to work in Bollywood. But finding a job in Bollywood was not so easy. At the age of ten, he served food for just 50 rupees at the wedding of Mukesh Ambani’s brother, Anil Ambani and Tina Munim.

But despite all this, she never gave up. Initially, she danced in small songs in Bollywood. He also acted in minor roles. Later, she came into the limelight by starring in a kiss scene in superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s “May Hoo Na”.

Moreover, her public kiss with Mika Singh in ‘Nach Baliye’ made her popular. This incident turned his personal life upside down. Later, she participated in reality shows like “Rakhi Sawant Ka Swayambar”, “Bigg Boss Season 14” etc. and has been heavily criticized. Besides Hindi, he has acted in Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Kannur etc movies. In a nutshell, he is paving the way for Bollywood with polemics. Perhaps because of this controversy, he is so popular.

His real name is Niru Veda. Later, he changed his name after entering Bollywood. He is married to US resident Ritesh. But she became hugely controversial by having a live fling with Deepak Kalar. She later had a relationship with Bigg Boss competitor Elesh Parujanwala. Later, their relationship broke up very quickly. In an interview, Rakhi said that she only made this commitment for money. In short, his personal life has been the subject of controversy on several occasions.

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In 2014, he ran in the Lok Sabha elections for the Rashtriya Aamjanta party. Besides, he lost here. He then joined the RPI and became the state vice-president of that party.

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