From the music scene to the service of heart patients


From the music scene to the service of heart patients

The folk-rock style of such a loud voice was not found in Bengal. Which corresponds to the voice of Fatima Tush Zahra Oishi. Who started his professional life as a teenager. Thanks to this, he constantly impressed in the song on stage. Especially in folk songs, blindfolds are perfect.

The entertainer started a whole new life from Tuesday (November 1). No, it’s not about marriage. But heartbroken! As a military doctor, he took charge of the CCU of a renowned private hospital, which was shrouded in silence after pushing the public out of the music scene. CCU where heart attack patients are admitted.

The subject is wonder or fascination. Because many people didn’t realize that besides singing, posting, and rocking the stage continuously, Aishe passed the hardest MBBS. He obtained this medical recognition in 2021 from MH Samrita Medical College in the city. He joined the capital’s Samrita Hospital today (November 2) after completing a year-long practice session. Charged as a doctor in the CCU cardiology department.

Oishi is very happy. For two reasons. First, it’s his first job as a doctor. Another said: “Loved the CCU service in the cardiology department from study time to internship. Overall, I prefer the medical department. But cardiology has always drawn me to medicine. The first job of my life started with CCU-Cardiology. It is a great joy. As a doctor, I want to qualify myself day by day. I want to serve people. The rest is up to God.

Abdul Mannan, father of Fatima Tuz Zahra Aishi, died prematurely of a heart attack on March 20 this year. Perhaps the cardiology department attracts this artist even when thinking of his father.

On the other hand, this year, Aishe gave two hit songs in a row. One is ‘Naughty Polapine’ and the other is ‘Car Mechanic’. Two Bollywood actresses, Sunny Leone and Warina Hussain, are role models in both songs respectively.

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