Fuad sings live

Fuad sings live

Fouad Live was completed with the great skill of the music. Sunday (December 25) International Convention City Bashundhara (ICCB) in the exhibition area, the whole stage was filled with songs, performances and tunes.

That day, after 14 years on the same stage, Beiz Baba Suman, Fouad and Anila sang songs all around. The audience is mesmerized by chubby-legged Rini Jhini. Everyone stood up to the tune of this well-known song. It was a dream evening for music lovers.

In this concert, there were a total of 30 star musical performances. The concert was organized by Sky Tracker Limited.

Haseeb took the stage at the start of the concert. He sang everyone’s favorite song ‘Dak Diyachan Dayal Amare’. Fairuz performed the song “Tumi Heena” on stage during Fuad’s intro section. Then Tashfi brought several of his songs. Then Jeffer took the stage with the song “Busy City”.

Elita Karim took the stage with the song ‘Kotha’. Later music was performed by Panth Kanai, Back Jang, Ali Hasan. Then Fairuz came back on stage and Fuad finished the intro.

This time Rafa performed the intro one by one, Rafa, Ashrin, Zaki Adnana, Johad and Riyasat. The last part was Beige Baba Suman’s intro. The song was started by Beiz Baba Sumon himself. Then came Anika, Tashfi, Hasib, Johan and Hasib. In this way, a total of 30 popular star artists in the country performed songs one by one.

‘Gaibo na ar kono gan’ by Suman and Anila had the whole crowd singing. At the same time, Fuad, Anila and Beiz Baba Sumon performed songs on stage after 14 years. Fuad’s ‘chubby legs’ caused more uproar among the fans.

Earlier, the doors to the exhibition area were opened for visitors at 5 p.m. Since then, there has been a strong influx of fans. Fuad Live’s telecommunications partner was Banglalink, ticketing partner was Gate Set Rock, PR partner was MediaQuest Bangladesh. Fuad’s live concert was more related to the Bangladesh band music forum community.

Doja Elan, CEO of Sky Tracker Limited, said the last time I worked with Fuad was in 2019. Everything was very different then. There was a world without a crown. Today, after almost three years, Fuad is back on stage, and my own fondness for the experience of working with him is greater. After a long break, Fouad took the stage, together with beige father Suman and Anila, Rafa’s unforgettable performance was mesmerizing.

Bangladesh time: 2232 hours, December 25, 2022

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