Full of entertainment and revenge film ‘Beauty


Full of entertainment and revenge film ‘Beauty

Dhaka: After a long wait, the movie ‘Beauty Circus’ starring Jaya Ahsan and dedicated to Bashundhara Gunda Mashla will finally be released. Produced with a government grant and Impress Telefilm, the film will be released in theaters on September 23.

Thanks to this, director Mahmud Didar will make his directorial debut on the big screen.

In view of the release of ‘Beauty Circus’, a press conference was organized on Saturday evening September 17 at the Biam Auditorium in the capital. Mr. M. Jasim Uddin (COO, Brand & Marketing, Sector-A, Bashundhara Group) was present as a special guest on this occasion. Also, the film’s director Mahmud Didar, actress Jaya Ahsan, actor Ferdous Ahmed, ABM Sumon and singer Sharmin Sultana Sumi from ‘Chirkut’ group and many others participated.

Director Mahmud Didar said on the occasion, “My philosophical debt has remained with Jaya Apu who encouraged me in many ways in the classrooms of my cinematic journey. Jaya Apa is also associated with my debut film ‘Beauty Circus “. I am grateful to everyone for the circus. It will be released on the 23rd. I would like to say a slogan around the film, full of entertainment, full of excitement and full of revenge story. From here you can understand what I mean by ‘Beauty Circus’. There is a taboo about government subsidies, which we want to refute. What we showed in the trailer, the movie will actually hit the screens.”

Mr. M. Jasim Uddin, COO, Brand & Marketing, Bashundhara Group, said: “You may have noticed that we have been leaning heavily towards the media for the past year and a half. We’re producing great songs, coming in movies and leaning towards star-based projects; It is a strategic position of the company. We would like to assure you that wherever we go, we will certainly engage in the media through disciplined and sound systematic investments. The beauty of ‘Beauty Circus’ is the number one favorite face of Upper and Lower Bengal. Everyone wants to see that beloved face – that’s why we came forward. Over the next week, our team will be working together to promote ‘Beauty Circus’ to everyone. Also, if we are contacted to enlarge the room, we will try to help enlarge it. We are in good company. ‘

Jaya Ahsan played the title role in the movie “Beauty Circus”. He said, “After a year and a half, my movie is coming out. The ‘beauty circus’ is all about emotions. I did the job with a lot of time. The character in this movie made me want to do the job. .As a circus girl here, I had to learn a lot. Director Mahmud Didar works with a lot of grammar. I hope the audience will like it. Worked with the circus for the first time. Everyone will enjoy watching .”

For the first time out of the action look, actor ABM Suman played a different role in the movie ‘Beauty Circus’. His character’s name in the film is Ranglal. Suman said on the occasion, “The director made me believe in the character. He didn’t wash his hair for 9 days, put mustard oil on his face and kept it in the sun. It has real locations, which is often not possible even in big budget movies. I saw Jaya have a fever, she still got wet for two hours for the shoot. I have seen these dedications up close. The effort was to get the job done with everything. ‘

Chirkut has a song in ‘Beauty Circus’. Appearing at the event, lead singer of Sharmin Sultana along with Sumi Jaya, Ferdous and Suman sang the song “Boy Jao Nakshatra” to everyone.

Apart from Jaya Ahsan and ABM Sumon, the film also starred Ferdous Ahmed, Taukir Ahmed, Shatabdi Wadud, Gazi Rakayet and Humayun Sadhu.

Bangladesh time: 0127 hours, September 18, 2022

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