Gauri Khan | Gauri Khan reveals things in Mannat are ‘remotely controlled’ by his mother from Delhi dgtl


Gauri Khan | Gauri Khan reveals things in Mannat are ‘remotely controlled’ by his mother from Delhi dgtl

Not a bungalow, but a palace. So many rooms, so many attendants. Housewife Gauri Khan is unable to take care of all aspects. “Shahrukh Khan’s wife” is not his only identity. He is one of the most active interior artists in the country. The day passes by doing the work. Then mother Savita Chibbar takes care of the details of the vow. But he lives in Delhi! How is it possible to run the girl’s house in Mumbai from there?

Gauri leaked shocking information. He said everything in Mannat is “remotely controlled”. The “remote control” is in the hands of the mother. In an interview, Gauri said, “Ma still stays in touch with Mannat staff via phone and WhatsApp. This has two advantages. One, mom is busy with something. And second, the workers are also vigilant.

Gauri said her mother should send the photo at the same time. How much dust accumulates in the room, how often to clean – all these instructions are given by him. Savita actually has the key to the grand palace. In the words of Gauri, “I learn so much from my mom! Honestly, mom runs my house by remote control. Messages, phone calls, whatever it takes. I can’t explain how much it benefits me.”

How was Gauri’s career as an interior designer? Now or how? He wrote a book about it. Whose name is believed to be ‘My Life in Design’. The book will be published next year.

In an interview with a fashion magazine, Gauri once told funny stories about “Mannat”. He said, “There are no rules in our house. Everyone lives in this house like everyone else. Take care of the house. I did not issue any fatwa such as eating here at one time, studying at another time. Everyone in my family has a lot to contribute to the whole house.”

In 2001, Shahrukh and Gauri bought the sea-facing house in Mumbai’s posh Bandra Bandstand area. Since then, little by little, Gauri has decorated Mannat as he pleases. He is passionate about collecting rare objects. He just filled his house.

Apart from that, everyone also knows the producer Gauri. Gauri is also the co-producer of Alia Bhatt’s Darlings. He likes to take care.

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