‘Get well, my soul wants nothing else’, his mother waiting for Aindrila to return


‘Get well, my soul wants nothing else’, his mother waiting for Aindrila to return

#Kolkata: 15 days have passed. Aindrila Sharma is fighting a tough battle in the hospital. The girl will return, believes Shikha Sharma, mother of the actress. Memories of days spent in constant hospital stays, in the uncertainty of every moment, are a blanket of relief.

Shikha Devi posted a video on her Facebook wall a few days ago. Aindrila participated in ‘Dadagiri’ this year. He also danced with host Sourav Gangopadhyay on the stage of the show. Sharing the memory of this special day with everyone, Shikha Devi prayed for her daughter’s recovery. He wrote, “Get well. My soul wants nothing more. Please bless him all.

After beating cancer, Aindrila returned to work. He appeared as a guest in Sourav Gangopadhyay’s “Dadagiri”. And there, the 24-year-old actress danced to the song ‘Dekho Aloy Alo Akash…’. After the dance, Sourav stood beside her and said to Aindrila, “So much fun, everything is in vain without you”. Dada’s words brought tears to the eyes of all the other guests.

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For now, Aindrila is struggling in her hospital bed. Everyone is waiting for the return of the animated girl.

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