Gift from Shakib to Bubli: Apu Biswas was hit


Gift from Shakib to Bubli: Apu Biswas was hit

Shabnam Bubli, the popular Dhakai film actress, celebrated her birthday on November 20. This year’s birthday was special in the life of this heroine. It’s her first birthday after announcing her marriage and baby.

Bubli’s relationship with Shakib has been strained for a long time. There were speculations of separation between them. However, there were indications of ice thawing in between around the anniversary.

Bubli received an expensive gift from her husband for her birthday this year. On her birthday, Bubli said that on her birthday she received a diamond gift from the father of her son Shehzad Khan Bir.

He said Shakib Khan gave a gift last week. But he didn’t know what the gift was. When he saw the nose of the diamond after opening it, tears came to his eyes. He also became emotional. The actress said that she even considers this gift as an expression of another kind of love.

The news of Shakib’s gift to Bubli appeared in the media. This question is seen by stars as well as ordinary readers. Even Apu Biswas, mother of Shakib Khan’s first son, Abram Khan Joy, has been spotted. The actress also shared the news on social media.

On Tuesday, Apu Biswas shared the link to the news in his Facebook post and captioned it – “How fun”. And earlier, ten smiling emojis were added, which supporters talk about Bubli in the comment room. However, Apu Biswas did not respond to anyone’s comment.

Incidentally, Shakib Khan is a father of two children in his personal life. The first son is AbRam Khan Joy, his mother is Dhallywood Queen Apu Biswas and the second son is Shehzad Khan Veer, his mother is actress Bubli.

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