“Go tell the birds” at a colorful event


“Go tell the birds” at a colorful event

Dhaka: Filmmaker Adar Azad will appear in a relationship with actress Mahia Mahi for the first time. The duo hits theaters on October 7 with “Jao Pakhi Bollo Tare” directed by Mostafizur Rahman Manik.

On Sunday, September 17, the trailer for this love triangle film was released on Tiger Media’s YouTube channel in a colorful event. On the occasion of the release of the trailer, a big event was organized at the FDC in the capital. The directors, actors, crews and personalities of the film were present.

Regarding the third film of his career in this event, actor Adar Azad said, “The film is made with a story of a completely rural setting. Love, separation and parting are the main themes. Hopefully the movie will touch everyone’s heart. ‘

Actress Mahia Mahi says, “There are works that I want to say a lot about, but I can’t. Unable to express feelings. Everyone did a great job in this movie. I had to cry with every scene. I didn’t play here, I got into character. The public can say everything I did. Great experience in this shoot. I’ve never had so much fun shooting in my 10-year career. It’s my best film of a long career. A very good film, those who forgot to love after seeing it will learn to love again. ‘

Director Mostafizur Rahman Manik said, “It’s an off-track film. I’ve never made a film about such a story before. For a long time, perfect village films are not made in Bangladesh. I tried to do that. Viewers will not be disappointed after watching the movie. But I can say the same – audiences are going to be given the gift of a film with a good story. ‘

In the film ‘Jao Pakhi Bollo Tare’ produced under the Cleopatra Films banner, besides Adar-Mahi, actor Shipan Mitra, actor Rashed Mamun Apu, Subrata, Mahmudul Islam Mithu (Barda Mithu), Masum Bashar, the actress Rebecca Rauf, Milli Bashar, Lavanya etc.

Asad Zaman wrote the story, dialogues and screenplay for the movie ‘Jao Pakhi Bollo Tare’ presented by The Abhi Kathachitra. Its lyrics are written by Sudeep Kumar Deep, A Meezan and Sanjeevan Chakraborty. Background music is by Eamon Saha. Music composed by JK Majlish, Belal Khan and Rezwan Sheikh and voiced by Belal Khan, Konal, Ilyas Hossain, Saira Reza, Mohammad Jasiur Rahman Setu and Bindia Khan.

Bangladesh time: 1120 hours, September 17, 2022

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