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Gold medal for the Bangladeshi filmmaker

Gold medal for the Bangladeshi filmmaker

Bangladeshi filmmaker Noor Alam Taimur has been selected as a finalist in the Gold category at the 24th Digicon 6 Asia Awards.

After winning gold in this competition held in Tokyo, Japan on November 19, the filmmaker was invited to participate in the event in Japan.

During this prestigious visit to Japan, Bangladeshi filmmaker Taimur was able to experience Japanese culture and also worked with directors from the Asian film world on the possibility of future film production.

Organized under the auspices of TBS Television Co Ltd and the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the competition aims to introduce the public to promising Asian filmmakers.

This year, a Hong Kong film “My Dear Son” won the Digicon6 Asia Competition Gold Award and the Japanese film Magnified City won the Grand Award. Shunske Mizutani, CEO of Bangladesh animation lab “Studio Padma” and organizer of Digicon6 Asia Bangladesh hopes to further strengthen this cultural bond.

Noor E Alam Taimur, a junior consultant of the DIKKA project in Bangladesh ICT Department by profession, has cinema in his heart. He believes the day is not far off when the appeal of Bangladeshi films will reach the world in glory.


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