Gold Trading in 2023: Is It the Right Time to Invest? Watch like the experts!

Gold Trading in 2023: Is It the Right Time to Invest? Watch like the experts!

Kolkata: Thinking of investing in the new year? Growing financial uncertainty across the world. In this situation, many see gold as a safe haven. But is it a safe time to invest in gold? Why does this question arise! Gold prices have been on the rise lately. It is close to its all-time high since August 2020. Therefore the question is, is this the right time to invest in gold?

In 2009, the whole world fell into the grip of recession. At that time, Sona kept him alive. Then in 2011, the price of gold hit $1,823. As the global economy began to recover, fiat currencies gained strength. During this period, that is to say during the year 2013-2014, the price of gold fell. The price of gold fell to $1,061 in 2015 before rising again. Gold prices increase in countries affected by covid in 2019. Reached 1974 dollars.

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Is Gold Safe Now? Gold prices rise when times are tough, that is, when the economy is in trouble. Investing in gold is ideal if you want to protect your wealth in uncertain times. Gold can act as a hedge against inflation. When inflation increases, the XAU generally increases. Gold is scarce, which is why experts consider gold a good investment vehicle, regardless of the health of the economy. Gold is limited in the world, so as demand increases, its price will also increase. Electronics are heavily reliant on gold and that won’t change much in the near future. Therefore, gold falls short as a medium for long-term investment. Its growth can also be appreciated in the short term.

At last: Gold remains a stable investment medium despite recent market fluctuations. And according to experts, 2023 is a good time to trade or invest in gold. Global interest rates are expected to rise this year. Because it is necessary for the post-Covid recovery of the economy and especially to prepare for a possible recession. High interest rates are the Treasury’s defensive measures. It is during this period that the price of gold increases. But keep in mind that there is no guarantee that market behavior will be the same again. You must therefore decide whether to invest or not according to your financial capacity.

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