Good intentions with Hero Alam ‘spoiled’: Hasan Matiur

Good intentions with Hero Alam ‘spoiled’: Hasan Matiur

“I’ve lived with music for so many years, I won’t play with music. I’ve been criticized for doing something right.

“I have a 35 year singing career, should I post if the song isn’t good? I have a name. I certainly wouldn’t have posted the song if it wasn’t good.”

Highlighting the introductory phase with Hero Alam, Hasan Matiur said, “I first met Alam at a restaurant in Moghbazar. Seen 2/3 times later. He said he was my fan.

“I then tried to explain to him, why are you singing without learning to sing? In response, Alam said, Ustad I want to learn music. Nobody is teaching me.” Chena Surer Karndhar said, “So I told him, I will arrange to teach you music. I will release songs with you. I want to take it as a challenge.

“But the condition is that you have to learn music. When I think, I can make you sing, then I will publish the song. Not before. He also told me that he would learn music.

Composer of over 300 songs, Notable songs of Hasan Matiur Rahman include ‘If Raat Pohale Shona Yata, Bangabandhu Morre Nai’, ‘Ami Bandi Jailar’, ‘Kalme Nai Kali’, ‘Amar Line Ying Jai Zakarbanka’, ‘Rangamati Pahare , Noonal Bela’. Ahare, naam dae ke banshari zaye’, ‘Tumi ja harm karla amar’, ‘Dekha Aricha ghat at Shahjalal ferry’, ‘ebar na asylum kamal’ etc.

Someone posted a video of the experimental recording of Hira Alam’s song on Facebook, saying, “We’re having a lot of fun recording in the studio. I also had fun that day.

“But why was the video of this private moment released without permission? I don’t know Maybe it was to insult me.

Have you also posted on Facebook about singing with Hero Alam? Hasan Matiur responded to such a question: “I deleted it soon after posting it.

“But someone left the screenshot, to insult me. Some of those who criticize me do it because they love me.

“And some have fun insulting me. My intentions were honest. But by creating a ruckus for a small problem on Facebook, it ruined the good intention.

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