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Good Movies Don’t Affect Drama: Nadia

Good Movies Don’t Affect Drama: Nadia

Nadia Ahmed is a popular actress of this era. Dancing and playing happen at the same time. The actress recently won Best Actress in Deepta Television. Talked about his work and acting with Ittefaq Online.

Won best actress award for drama ‘Dharabahik’. How’s the feeling?
Received the Best Actress award for the role of Princess Diwa in the series “Bakulpur” broadcast on Deepta Television. This is a great find for me. Interestingly, this drama also won the Best Series award. All in all, a lot of love works.

Nadia Ahmed

You are seen more in soap operas than in one-off dramas. What is the reason?
Why do I know that my drama series are more popular? Now my plays ‘Bakulpur’ and ‘Pita Vs Putra Gong’ are airing. Both dramas are very popular with the audience. In fact, I can’t spend a lot of time on one-off dramas for soap operas. Moreover, the directors may find me better for the series. But I want to work in all mediums, including solo plays, soap operas and TV movies.

Good films have arrived in the country this year. A lot of people say that because of good movies, drama audiences go down. What do you think?
no no That’s not true. Nothing is reduced to nothing. Drama audiences are different, movie audiences are different. Quite a big achievement for those of us who do; Audience interest was created for the film. This is a great discovery for the Bangladeshi public. Drama audiences never go down because of good movies.

Nadia Ahmed

Today’s OTT is very popular. When will visitors see you on this platform?
You see, this is the age of technology. People are now turning to OTT platforms. Good content is produced in the country. which are widely appreciated at home and abroad. I am also interested in working on this platform. I will definitely act if I get a good story.

Apart from being an actor, you also have a great reputation in dancing. How to maintain both at the same time?
As an artist, I feel drawn to dance from the place of my responsibility. Moreover, there is no alternative to practice. So try to keep both properly.

Nadia Ahmed

What to say to the public?
It’s because of you that I can stand here and talk. Watch more Bengali dramas. If the drama survives, we will survive. I will try to offer you good work.

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