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Good start to the year with 7 films in hand, action, thriller and romance

Good start to the year with 7 films in hand, action, thriller and romance

The highly anticipated film ‘Black War’ is coming out at the start of the year. And through this film, the handsome movie hero Dhakai Arifin Shubo appears in the avatar of action, thrill and romance.

Meanwhile, Shubhar’s first musical film was released on the second day of the new year. In the song titled “Chalo Na Sangat,” the audience drools over Shubhar’s romance.

Amid Hossain Chowdhury gave voice to the song in lyrics by Johnny Haque. Produced by Shahriar Palak, the romantic song features Shireen Akhter Shila opposite Shubo.

Commenting on the first musical movie, Shubo said, “After a long time, the audience sees a romantic Shubo through this song. It’s made as a wedding song, I hope the audience will find something new in this song.

Arifin Shubhar’s “Black War” hits theaters as the first film of the year on January 13. For this film, he worked for nine months to build a “six pack”, which no other Bengali film hero has done in the recent past.

Arifin Shubo said about the movie ‘Black War’, ‘The amount of physical and mental work I did for this movie is the highest. I’m still carrying the leg injury for this movie, I’ll have to carry it for as long as I live. I said to the audience, you have seen this hard work outside for so long, now see the hard work of Made in Bangladesh.

Arifin Shubo wrapped filming the movie “Black War” three years ago. Since ‘Mission Extreme’ and ‘Black War’ were released back-to-back, the myth that Shubo works on the same scheme is therefore unfounded. By capitalizing on the success of a film, Shuvo does not work on the same pattern, even if he made several sequels to his films, he did not work there, that proves it. Moreover, this hero tries to do something different in each film given the domestic film budget.

Arifin Shubo is gearing up for a total of seven films this year. Among which the movies ‘Black War’, ‘Noor’ and ‘Mujib’ are awaiting release. And filming continues for the film “Nineesh20”, which will be released on Valentine’s Day.

Shubo will soon start filming the film Football71, for which the hero is also preparing. Apart from that, he will be working on two more movies this year, the announcement will come in due time.

Regarding the 2023 work, Shubor says, “Many of my projects will be released this year, the public will see a new Arifin Shubo in each project.” I want to move forward with the love of the public.

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