Google’s cloud gaming service shuts down


Google’s cloud gaming service shuts down

Google has decided to stop the cloud gaming service ‘Stadia’. The company has announced that it will stop the service by next January due to lack of interest in the service among customers. Google launched Stadia three years ago, but it didn’t get the expected response from users.
Phil Harrison, vice president of Google and general manager of Stadia, said he plans to refund all money customers spend on Stadia hardware through the Google Store. Additionally, all games and other software content on the platform will be redeemable through the Stadia Store.
Google launched Stadia in 2019. At that time, several tech giants were leaning towards the gaming market. At the time, Google’s cloud gaming service was described by some as the Netflix of the gaming world. Users could stream video games from their smartphones. Additionally, Stadia also worked on platforms that used web browsers and Google’s Chromecast streaming device. The service offered a game-console-quality experience without the powerful hardware. Harrison said Google is still committed to the games business despite Stadia’s shutdown. The company will use the technologies behind Stadia screens in other services. Stadia players will be able to access their game library and play games until January 18, 2023, Harrison said.

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