Google’s new search feature in Gmail and chat


Google’s new search feature in Gmail and chat

Recently, Google introduced new features in the Gmail and Chat app. The company says the features will help users get more accurate and personalized suggestions and search results.

Google search usually displays previously searched texts. This is a very useful feature. With the help of the feature, previous search results can be found quickly. As a result, the input of questions is saved. From now on, the feature will also be available in Google Chat. When the user starts typing in the chat search option, they will see suggestions based on previously searched topics. Google said using this feature will make it easier to find important messages and files quickly.

Gmail now has the ability to search for messages and content under a specific label. The feature makes it easy to find what you need. But now a dedicated tag search chip can be used directly from the search bar.

Also, when the web version of Gmail cannot find the email you are looking for, it displays results related to the search topic. Google said the feature is intended to improve the overall search experience.

The Gmail label search feature is available on Android and iOS devices. The search suggestion feature is initially available on Android phones and tablets. On the other hand, it will be launched on Apple devices by the end of this month.

The new features have been rolled out to all users of Google Workspace, legacy G Suite Basic and Business categories, and personal Google Account users.

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