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Gori Nagori’s Energetic Stage Performance, Video Amazes Fans

Gori Nagori’s Energetic Stage Performance, Video Amazes Fans

Currently, Harianvi dancers often go viral on social media due to their dance videos. One of them is Swapna Chowdhury whose dance video has gone viral on the internet. And Netdunya viewers are waiting to see all these videos. But recently, a video of Gori Nagori, not Swapna Chowdhury, went viral on social media. Needless to say, netizens also enjoyed this video a lot.

Gori Nagori is one of the most prominent Harianvi dance artists of the moment. He is often seen exercising on social media. Since then, her dance videos have gone viral. Recently, Gori Nagori has become a hot topic among netizens based on his own dance video. In the video, Gori Nagori is seen rocking the stage to Harianvi’s popular hit song “Baby I’m Sorry.” In the video, she is seen in a glittery red salwar kameez. The public was also delighted to see her dance. The excitement of the audience in the video made it clear to everyone.

It can be noted that this recent viral dance video of Gori Nagori was shared on social media pages 3 months ago from the popular Harianvi YouTube channel “Rabiya Rani Dancer”. Currently, his video has reached more than 17,000 people. Needless to say, the audience as well as excited fans watched her dance. Recently, Gori Nagori has become the topic of practice among his countless fans and part of the net world thanks to this video of himself. Many people also praised her dancing, which will only be clear if you keep an eye on the comment box. Here is the reel video for everyone, check it out.

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