Gotta Love First: Mehzabin Chowdhury

Gotta Love First: Mehzabin Chowdhury

Mehzabine Chowdhury. The favorite actress of theatergoers, the favorite person. He has already shown his acting skills by playing various roles. It is said that most days of the month, the actress starts her work day with the sound of light camera action. Also on social media.

In addition to posting dramatic news, photos of himself, he regularly posts humanitarian actions on his page asking for help for various patients. How do you find time for yourself so busy? When asked, Mehzabin said, “If you’re immersed in work, there’s nothing else to do. After signing the contract, the work must be done, otherwise the director will lose the producer.

By working this way, you may be giving yourself less time. But it’s not that I don’t give time at all. Because at the end of the day, I love myself. But I am now more aware than ever. Especially since the corona outbreak I feel that I have to love first. some time for me Some necessary things, things need to be stored. Be health conscious. I am also aware of this now.

The winter season continues. It is one of the most pleasant seasons in Bangladesh. How is Mehjabin’s love for this season? He said, “Winter is a better and favorite season for me than any other season.” I also really like winter.

There are several reasons for this. Like, my favorite season. In terms of work, I feel more comfortable shooting this season. Because filming can be done during winter days. The environment is beautiful, the shooting location is less noisy. Also winter vegetables and various fruits and pies are my favorites. Overall, I like winter.

Talking about the joy of this winter, he further increased the joy with Messi’s victory in the World Cup. How are you?

In response to the question, the actress said, “Argentina spent every minute of the final match against France looking forward to it. I don’t want to remember it anymore. But the dream came true. Love for the Argentina’s favorite team and favorite player Messi. Thank you so much for making the fans happy.

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