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“Has had relations with many married men”

“Has had relations with many married men”

Actor Sujoy Prasad Chatterjee from Kolkata. He has given many popular films in his acting career. Besides being an actor, he is also known as a Bachik artist, women’s rights activist. Sujoy Prasad on Tuesday, November 29. A post on Facebook gave Also shared a photo taken at a wedding house. And in this post, Sujoy analyzed the feelings of marriage, friendship, and relationship.

Many netizens participated in Sujoy’s message. The question is, why did he suddenly realize this? An Indian media contacted him to find an answer to this question. In this regard, Sujoy said – ‘Sometimes, I think, is there an imperfection left? I will never get such social recognition, a marriage. If so, it’s incomplete! It’s a strange duel; After that, I thought it was a social event. It has nothing to do with friendship.

Sujoy Prasad Chatterjee received many marriage proposals after the release of his film “Belasehe”. A girl was constantly texting him. Another wrote dozens of notes to Sujoy. But how did Sujoy handle these love proposals?

In response, the actor said, “I called the girl and explained it to her. He said he agreed to live with me accepting everything. My answer was, I don’t agree. And the love of men is a little different. I have had relationships with many married men. But these men had no position. But I didn’t break any houses. In fact, marriage is like a fairy tale to me; that you can fall asleep while listening.

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