Hasan Moti finally opened his mouth to the cannon – Dainik Amader Shomoy


Hasan Moti finally opened his mouth to the cannon – Dainik Amader Shomoy

Prominent lyricist and composer Hasan Matiur Rahman. Photo: taken from Facebook

A few days ago, Hero Alam, who was criticized on social networks, gave his voice to two songs with lyrics and tunes by the country’s best lyricist and composer, Hasan Matiur Rahman. And ever since this news broke, this singer has been under fire from critics. Various people including songwriters, composers, artists criticize it. Finally, Hasan Matiur Rahman spoke on the issue.

He commented, “Assalamu alaikum, dear Bengali music listeners and my dear fans. I hope everyone is doing well. For two days, a heated debate has been going on on one issue. Which bothered me a lot. I am very disappointed. Why should I sing Hero Alam! I’m not on purpose. I want to try to see if I can get anything right teaching when I want to sing. That day, I told him in front of everyone with the guiding voice of the song, that he should learn from a music teacher for two months with a tabla player. Otherwise, there will be no music.

Praising Hero Alam, he said, “But the boy is very sweet. Speak respectfully to everyone. He said, Master, I will learn. don’t worry After that I post the picture myself in a simple way. I thought everyone would take it well and encourage me for such an adventure. But we have seen that many people react negatively. I immediately remove the post from my id against everyone. Later I posted screenshots to discredit myself. In the studio, someone secretly recorded it on a cell phone and released it.

Urging to consider the issue of forgiveness, Hasan Moti said, “Either those who came with Hero Alam or whoever made the video with bad intentions, humiliated us towards everyone. We have a little fun during the recording. But no one will ever know. It’s a secret.’

“Anyway, I realized how much country music fans love me. Those who say bad things say it because they love it. I take it all head on. Trust me. I won’t do anything to harm the music for me,” the lyricist said.

He also said, “I have spent my life with music. It has been a long time. God knows how long I can work. But I will be with you as long as I am inchallah. Those who have been hurt by my decision, they will look to me for forgiveness. I’m your brother-friend-uncle. I have always been by my side, I will be by my side. I won’t do anything wrong, I can’t. Along the way, not everyone is friends, there are enemies. There are also political opponents. very sad They also had the opportunity and became active in safeguarding their interests. If I hurt someone without knowing it, don’t remember it. Forget everything.’

Finally, the lyricist of the song “Je Raat Pohale Shona Yata, Bangabandhu Morre Nai” said, “It is indeed an unintentional mistake. A plea, let’s try to do good instead of chasing away evil. No one knows what’s inside. We all come from such a place. No one has learned from their mother’s womb. I came here after many obstacles. We won’t get the chance! Please don’t if you can’t. Than those who can do something. Allah does not send everyone with the same talent.

Notably, the country’s popular lyricist and composer, Hasan Matiur Rahman. Popular songs written by him include – ‘Je Raat Pohale Shona Yata, Bangabandhu Morre Nai’, ‘Aami Bandi Jailar’, ‘Kalme Nai Kali’, ‘Amar Laine igh jae zakarabanka’ and many more.

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