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Hawaii | Bangladeshi film Hawa starring Chanchal Chowdhury to be released in cinemas in Bengal dgtl

Hawaii | Bangladeshi film Hawa starring Chanchal Chowdhury to be released in cinemas in Bengal dgtl

A few days ago, director Shivprasad Mukhopadhyay lamented in a domestic conversation: “The festival is so crowded! How much business would you do if you were released? It damaged the film! The producers of the film “Hawa ” by Chanchal Chowdhury, who is much talked about, must have thought the same way. Because this time the film is going to be released in Far Bengal. During the 4th Bangladesh Film Festival which has just ended in Kolkata, the city has witnessed the public frenzy over this film. Audiences in Upper Bengal lined up for hours outside Nandan to see the film. Police on duty had to struggle to control the crowd. The authorities of the festival decided to increase the number of screenings of the film to meet the expectations of the public. But even after that, many viewers expressed their anger that they could not see the film. Now the wait is over. This film from Bangladesh again seems to be re heat the air of the city.


If all goes well, the film is set to be released in the state on December 16. The film is distributed by ‘Reliance’. JK Roy, on behalf of the company, told Anandabazar Online on Wednesday, “Yes, the movie is coming out here. Discussions had been going on for a few days. Finally, the decision is final. The photo has been censored. But the distribution company Still waiting to get the certificate. So in how many theaters will this much-talked-about movie be released? In JK’s words, “I’ll get it all figured out by early next week.”

Incidentally, the 28th Kolkata International Film Festival begins on December 15. The next day, “Hawa” by Mezbaur Rahman Sumon is released in the city. Part of the industry believes that there is a trend of watching movies in the city at this time. The producer adopted this film release strategy with this in mind. It should be noted that the government of Bangladesh is sending this film to the Oscars for the country next year. The industry will certainly keep an eye on the attendance of theaters for ‘Hawa’ in Kolkata. Because, seeing the crowd watching this film at the Bangladesh Film Festival, many detractors said, “It’s so ridiculous because of the possibility of seeing it for free!” Whether this is true or not will be proven very soon.

'Hawa' is set to be released in West Bengal.

‘Hawa’ is set to be released in West Bengal.

Part of the industry also had a kind of appeal to the Bengali audience that if there was some enthusiasm for Bengali films, then the Bengali industry would have benefited a lot. Do you take these comments as praise or does it become a concern for the film crew? In response to this question from Anandabazar Online, Chanchal said, “It is a matter of pride and concern for me. There are complications, limitations in the work of our two countries. Now we have to understand these limitations and overcome them. Even though we say we don’t have a professional industry there yet. I don’t get as much technical support as I need to do a professional job. Try to do a good job by personal initiative. Kolkata has a much more professional system. So if things like story selection are corrected by identifying the limitations, then surely the problem will be largely solved. Look what works here or what happens at Bangladesh, the audience is the same. People here see the work there, the same there. Millions of Bengalis around the world watch everything. So they don’t matter.”


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Knowing that the “air” is freeing up in the city, the owners are full of hope. As one theater owner said, “That’s good news. I want to run the movie though. If people come to see the film from Bangladesh, it’s a win for our two Bengals.”

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