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Hawaii | Why did audiences wait hours and hours to watch Hawa in Nandan dgtl


Hawaii | Why did audiences wait hours and hours to watch Hawa in Nandan dgtl

‘White white, black black…’.

This is the sound that could be heard at Nandan’s premises in Kolkata on Saturday. The head throbs. There will be five thousand people. Finally, such a crowd was seen at Durga Puja pandal in Sribhoomi. After the excitement of idol sightings, it feels like a rush to this capricious sighting. Chanchal Chowdhury’s film ‘Hawa’ is screened. So much enthusiasm for Bangladeshi films! Why?

Sudeshna Biswas from violin and Purbasha Ghosh from Madhyamgram. two friends Third-year media science student. After finishing university classes at 11 a.m., head to Nandan. He lined up around 12:30 p.m. Show at 6 p.m. About a four and a half hour wait. Purbasha told Anandabazar Online, “Our college professor played the song ‘Hawa’. After that, a few of us got interested in watching this movie. is bad. Even before, I wasn’t getting much profit. Couldn’t find the place. Failed after waiting in line for several hours. In Aritra’s words, “Not because of Bangladeshi movies. This song is the reason for the attraction of the public to this particular movie.But there are so many queues to watch other Bangladeshi movies, maybe not.

On Saturday evening, the Nandan premises were packed. self-image

Why is the public so mad? Is it a crowd of people watching Bangladeshi movies? Or the crowd watching Chanchal Chowdhury’s popular film. Part of the queuing crowd got involved in the debate between the Kolkata film and the Bangladeshi film. If even five percent of that crowd were there to watch Bengali movies in Calcutta. If that were the case, the slogan “Stand by Bangla film” would not have been mentioned. However, did the Bangladesh film give many purposes to the Kolkata film?

The same goes for Shubodeep Chattopadhyay, a professor of film studies at Jadavpur University. He said, “It’s a perfect photographic work from Bangladesh, done in natural light. We don’t really make such perfect images here. We are lagging behind in terms of content. But let’s not forget the crowds that call movies like ‘Hawa’ for free on Saturdays. Because the song of ‘Hawa’ is already well known. You have to watch the rest of the movies in Bangladesh to see the crowd? Chanchal Chowdhury is a factor here. Apart from that, a lot of such content is now within the reach of Bengalis through the “Anywhere” platform.

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Navendra Bose and his wife Chaitali Bose from Bhavanipur cannot remember the last time they went to the theater and watched a Bengali movie. Karta-Ginni both enjoy studying film. Navendrababu said, “Hearing this song ‘Sada Sada Kala Kala’ on YouTube made me want to watch the movie. After that, when I heard the movie would be shown, we both went to see it together. We had to wait in line for about two to three hours.

Shubdeep from Deshpriya Park, Navendra from Bhavanipur, Aritra from Keshtapur, Sudeshna from Behala, Purbasha from Madhyamgram – as all gather in one place. Chanchal Chowdhury is however a factor in this movie. However, our Bengali films from Kolkata still have a long way to go. Hrithik Ghatak’s quote “Think, think, practice thinking…” is perhaps Tolipara’s motto for now.

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