He became Sadek Bachchu of Mahbub Ahmed

He became Sadek Bachchu of Mahbub Ahmed

Saadek Bachchu is the scintillating villain of the screen. He starred in about 500 films, including hero roles. Today marks two years since the death of this talented actor. On this day in 2020, he passed away due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Sadek Bachchu is an important chapter in Dhaka’s film history. His real name is Mahbub Ahmed Sadek. He entered the theater when he was only eight years old.

He was born in Dhaka on January 1, 1955. He lost his father after finishing high school. At 15, he followed his father’s path and joined the post office. He did this job until 2013.

The name Sadek Bachchu comes from Mahbub Ahmed Sadek in 1991. His first drama was broadcast on the radio in 1963; The name is “theatre”. Then he came to plays, television series and then to the cinema. Producer Ehtesham gave him this name while working in the film “Chandni”. Ehtesham gave screen names to many others during this time, all of whom were successful. For example, Shabana, Shabnaz, Shabnoor etc.

Sadek Bachchu entered office with the responsibility of the family on his shoulders, but the passion for acting was in his heart. He found comfort in this world until the end of his life. Sadek Bachchu got an opportunity in television due to his work in radio and on stage. In 1974 he starred in the first TV drama “Protham Angeekar”. After that, he was seen acting in around 1000 dramas. Some of the notable ones are ‘Jhumka’, ‘Purva Ratri Purva Din’, ‘Sojan Badiyar Ghat’, ‘Nakshi Kanthar Mat’, ‘Granthik Gana Kahe’, ‘Jonaki Jwale’ etc.

Sadek Bachchu made his screen debut as a hero. The year was 1985. He played the hero in the movie ‘Ramer Sumati’. After that, he was seen in the lead role in several more films. But the expected success did not come.

After that, he appeared as Khal in the movie ‘Sukher Thanha’ and grabbed attention. In no time, he became a reliable star in negative roles. This is why Sadek Bachchu did not lock himself into this barrier. He worked just as effectively in positive roles.

The number of films featuring Sadek Bachchu is around 500. He has worked with almost all of today’s actors and actresses since the 80s. Some of the films he has starred in are ‘Sujan Sakhi’, ‘ Disco Dancer’, ‘Priyajan’, ‘Anand Ashru’, ‘Lal Badsha’, ‘Death Bite’, ‘Bandhu Jain Shatru’, ‘Pita Matar Amanat’, ‘Crore Takar’. Kabin’, ‘the husband of my life’, ‘the husband’, ‘the key to heaven in the hand of the mother’, ‘my spirit does not sit in the table’, ‘my dream my world’, ‘l ‘Eye of the Mother’, ‘Buk Phate To Mukh Phote Na’, ‘Jiddi Mama’, ‘Judge Barrister Police Commissioner’, ‘Valobasa Zindabad’, ‘Rajababu- The Power’, ‘Full Length Prem Kahini 2’, ‘Love Marriage’, ‘Aro Ahabbo Tome’, ‘Basgiri’ etc.

Although the workload was heavy, Sadek Bachchu’s price was not happy. He has only won the National Film Award once. In 2018, the prize was awarded to him for “A Movie Story”.

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