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He saw ‘heroism’ with visitors to Faridpur

He saw ‘heroism’ with visitors to Faridpur

Faridpur: ‘Veeratva’ is screening in 34 cinemas across the country from Friday, September 16. New director Saidul Islam Rana produced the film based on the heroic story of a doctor.

Nishat Nawar Salwa, a newcomer to the scene of “Miss World Bangladesh”, plays in tandem with actor Mamnoon Imon. Nipun Akter is in a special role.

Since the release of the film, the film crew has toured different audiences. Following this, they watched the film with the Faridpur audience on Wednesday, September 21.

Filmmakers Rana, Nipun and Emanra are known to have watched the film ‘Veeratva’ with the audience at Banalta Cinema Hall in the city of Faridpur. Hundreds of viewers enjoyed the movie with them that day.

About the film, actress Nipun said, “Part of the film is about female prostitution, where after being trafficked, girls are sold to prostitutes. Hearing the stories of real sex workers during filming drew me deeper into the film. I feel that I have done something for them from a social responsibility point of view through this film. ‘

Eamon says, “There are certain movies that act as a bright spot in an actor’s career. ‘Veeratva’ is such a movie for me. From the moment I did this, I found peace within me. I find my interest in being able to deliver to the public. ”

The film’s producer, Rana, said, “We are the team of ‘Veeratva’ who move from hall to hall and see the presence of the audience. I believe that our suffering will not be missed. People who watch the film l ‘appreciate. Hall’s report was also good.’

Syeda Nusrat Rasul Tania, General Secretary of the District Women’s Awami League, who came to see the film, said, “Several scenes were shot at Anand Kanan house in northern Kamalapur in our district town. The film gave a good message for society. Its story and its scenes are quite pleasant, social cinema. Who sees himself in family. So I came to Banlata Hall to watch the movie, I liked it very much. ‘

‘Heroism’ footage is known to have been taken at different locations in Goland and Faridpur including Rajbari. In addition to Nipun, Iman and Salwa, we will see the famous actors of the small screen Intekhab Dinar and Ahsan Habib Naseem. For the first time, the two acted as villains in the film.

It also stars Jayant Chatterjee, Kachi Khandkar, Barada Mithu, Monira Akhtar Mithu, Armaan Parvez Murad, Shilpi Sarkar Apu, Raonak Haasan, Sabiha Zaman, Hannan Shelley, Peerzada Shahidul Haroon, Tanveer Rizvi, Jasmine Akhter, Swarna, Pranab Ghosh, Priyanti. Gomez, and child artist Muntaha Emelia and many others.

Actress Mishti Jannat rocked her waist to an article song for the first time through this film. Apart from directing, the story, screenplay and dialogues of the film are also written by director Saidul Islam Rana himself.

Bangladesh time: 2031 hours, September 21, 2022

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