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He was charging $1,000 per bee sting

He was charging $1,000 per bee sting

Entertainment desk: Do you remember the famous horror movie ‘Candyman’? Actor Tony Todd has an unforgettable scene with a bee in this film. The scene is like this – countless bees sting Tony’s body. The popular Hollywood actor recently opened up about this scathing scene in an interview.

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Tony said he used to charge $1,000 for each bee sting. “I charged $1,000 for every agha’te sting during that bee scene.” I realized this was going to be a big part of Candyman, so I threw myself into the scene.

About 25-30 minutes had to be allotted for this scene. “The bees that were on me were baby bees,” Tony explains. But I was sure they could sting. However, the filmmakers said the bees probably wouldn’t sting.

Tony said in his interview, “When I first read the story, whether or not I was looking for something important in the story.” Because I wanted to be sure I could be one of the black actors in a horror movie.

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Based on British author Clive Barker’s short story “The Forbidden”, “Candyman” was written and directed by director Bernard Rose in 1992. The film also starred Virginia Madsen, Xander Barkley, Cassie Lemons in addition to Tony Todd.

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