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Heath wants money! Kapil Sharma came to the show and got drunk on the song Yohani! viral video


Heath wants money! Kapil Sharma came to the show and got drunk on the song Yohani! viral video

#Bombay: ‘Manike Mage Hithe’ – Mela Var who hasn’t heard this song. Who does not know the Sri Lankan singer Yohani. Yohani became world famous with just one song. Overnight many people started making actual videos of this song. Many people sing without understanding the meaning of the song. Again, many videos have been made with this song adding songs in their own language. However, many also criticized Yeo Honey. But beyond all that, this song and this singer are the most viral in the world.

Yohani was recently seen on The Kapil Sharma Show. There is nothing new to say about Kapil Sharma’s comedy show. Kapil became such a hit from ‘Babaji Ka Thullu’ that the whole show changed its tone. Rekha did not come to this Shah Rukh Khan show. However, there is not much complicated discussion here. However, there is a fun Q&A episode. In this show, Yohani sang Manike Magge Hithe. Yohani sings while playing the guitar in a pink dress. The audience’s love falls to the applause.

Sharing this video on his Instagram, Kapil Sharma wrote, “Ladies and gentlemen, viral sensation Yohani has come to our house.” After seeing this post, everyone wants to know when this episode will be seen. In response to what Kapil wrote in the post, Yohani’s song is coming soon. So if you want to see, you have to keep an eye out for ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. This is not the end, viral singer Yohani commented on this post: “Thank you very much. The love I had on this show is the most precious to me. It means a lot to me.” Internet users made it viral by commenting on this post.

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