hero-new-bike-see-more-details-on-the-new-350cc-and-500cc-bike | Harley-Hero Bikes: Hero-Harley Unite, 350,500cc Bike Coming Soon

hero-new-bike-see-more-details-on-the-new-350cc-and-500cc-bike | Harley-Hero Bikes: Hero-Harley Unite, 350,500cc Bike Coming Soon

Harley Davidson bikes: Great news for bike lovers. The Hero-Harley Davidson joint venture bike could soon be seen in the Indian market. We hear that the company is going to bring 500 cc bikes in addition to the 300 cc in the national market.

A few years ago, Harley-Davidson partnered with Hero MotoCorp to market and sell Harley Davidson motorcycles in India. The Hero also gets some specs from Harley. Discussions have already started on new projects between the two companies. Hero MotoCorp and Harley Davidson are rumored to be jointly launching a new line of affordable quarter-litre, mid-weight motorcycles in the country.

Harley-Hero motorcycles: what will the motorcycle look like?
According to media reports, Hero MotoCorp recently launched motorcycles for some people, including some dealerships. It also includes two cruiser bikes. However, no badges or marks were seen on it. The motorcycle resembles the Harley-Davidson 338R. Which is expected to launch in select Harley-Davidson markets. A new report claims the company wanted people’s feedback on the styling and features of this cruiser bike. The second bike was a no-badge unit with aggressive styling and a single-cylinder engine with plenty of features. We hear that Hero MotoCorp and the dealers have also started to negotiate the price of this bike.

Harley-Hero bikes: what are they called?
An international media report claims that Harley-Davidson and Chinese automaker Qianjiang JV have received government approval to manufacture the bike. The names of these bikes are HD350 and HD500. It is also known that the bike models on the market will be known as “X350” and “X500”.

Harley-Hero motorcycles: what about the engine?
According to Harley’s approval documents, the 350cc bike will have a top speed of around 143 km/h. The high-powered motorcycle, meanwhile, will be powered by a 500cc engine. Which will produce 47 hp of power and a top speed of around 160 km/h. The Harley HD500 will have brakes and suspension similar to the Chinese motorcycle.

Harley-Hero Motorcycles: Will Rival Royal Enfield
Both of these motorcycles can compete with the Royal Enfield motorcycles of India. In this, the X350 can compete with the Classic 350. The X500 can also compete with the Meteor 650.

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