‘Hindi cinema brings my film to India

‘Hindi cinema brings my film to India

Zayed Khan

“If you want to release Hindi films in Bangladesh, you have to release my films, films of our culture in India. Otherwise, I am not in favor of releasing Hindi films in this country.

I was not in favor of releasing Hindi movies from the beginning, still not. ‘

Zayed Khan, the former secretary general of the Bangladesh Film Artists Association, made such a comment.

Previously, Nipun on behalf of Shilpi Samiti said that he and Shilpi Samiti are in favor of importing Hindi movies. Such a decision was made initially by the artists’ association.

Nipun said the artists’ association has no objection to the release of Hindi films, but there is a condition. They want 10% of the revenue from this movie.

In this regard, says Zayed Khan, Nipun’s decision is personal. Why should I bother my artists with this 10%? We are artists, we will work. Why do we take percentages? How much money have we invested? It is up to the theater owners to bring films. Why take money from them?

This actor said, our film industry is moving forward. A good movie is happening. If good content is produced, our film industry will survive. Release of Hindi films will destroy our original culture. Many compare Hindi movies with Bengali movies? How will Bangladeshi cinema compete with low budget films like Pathan?

With the release of Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Pathan’ in Bangladesh, a new uproar has started in the film industry regarding the import of Hindi films into the country. Initiatives have been taken to release him in the country under the SAFTA agreement.

Producer Ananya Mamun applied to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting for permission to import “Pathan” into Bangladesh. A meeting on his candidacy was held on Tuesday 24 January. It was decided to request the interpretation of two clauses of the SAFTA agreement from the Ministry of Commerce. That is to say that the film does not come out in Bangladesh before having obtained this explanation.

Bangladesh time: 2:55 p.m., January 26, 2023

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