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Honey Singh is dating model Tina Thadani? Internet thinks so, know in details

Honey Singh is dating model Tina Thadani? Internet thinks so, know in details

Mumbai: Only a month has passed since the official divorce from popular singer Honey Singh. He was accused of domestic violence by his wife Shalini Talwar. Honey Singh’s wife claimed to have suffered physical, mental and verbal abuse from her husband and family. Based on this complaint, he filed for divorce. And they divorced last September. And without stepping out of the old relationship, Honey Singh was seen entering a new relationship. Netizens are guessing the same from the photo he recently posted on his social media account.

Honey Singh engaged in a new relationship?

Honey Singh recently posted a photo on her social media handle. In the photo, we see that he is holding the hand of a mysterious woman. The car in which the photo was taken is also clearly understood. Posting the photo, Honey Singh wrote, “This is all up to us, you and me. My song Two’s Forever came out. You all also do reels with your loved ones. For one thing, as many netizens believe after seeing the photo posted by Honey Singh, this photo is purely for the promotion of her new song ‘Together Forever’. Again, the singer hints at a new relationship through netizens. So someone wrote in the comments, “Has the new bride-to-be arrived!” Someone else wrote, “Now I found out Honey Bhai is dating someone.” Some netizens again posted photos of model Tina Thadani in the comment box. They think Honey is in a relationship with model Tina Thadani. They found a match between the bracelet on Tina’s hand and the bracelet on the hand in the photo posted by Honey Singh.

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Incidentally, Punjabi singer Yo Yo Honey Singh and his wife Shalini Talwar are now legally separated. At Saket District Court in Delhi, Honey Singh handed over a check for Rs 1 crore in a sealed envelope to his ex-wife Shalini as dowry. They ended their journey together here. After accusing Shalini, Honey of domestic violence and marital cheating, they appeared in court several times for hearings. Their statements were recorded and charges and counter-charges followed. In court, 38-year-old Shalini Talwar claimed that Honey Singh had beaten her repeatedly over the past few years and lived in constant fear as Honey and her family threatened Shalini with bodily harm. “Due to the prolonged mental stress and cruelty inflicted on her, she suffered from mental breakdown and sought medical help,” Shalini said in the lawsuit filed by the lawyer. Shalini Talwar has accused her husband of cheating, saying he had affairs with multiple women, did not wear a wedding ring and beat Shalini mercilessly for posting their wedding photos online.

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