Hossein Adnan conquered the public with Islamic music


Hossein Adnan conquered the public with Islamic music

In 2008, a one-day competition was held in Dumuria, Khulna, on a total of five topics, including Islamic music. Hossain Adnan, 9, came first in all subjects to everyone’s surprise.

The late Maulana Ainuddin Al Azad, the founder of the National Organization for Children and Adolescents Kolrab, the proverbial man in the world of Islamic music, was the main guest at the announcement of the competition results and the distribution of the price. He asked Hossein Adnan to play an Islamic song before the award was distributed. Late Azad was very impressed with Adnan’s music when he heard it. Bhuyasi also praised.

After the ceremony, Hossain contacted Adnan with his father’s phone number and asked to teach his son Islamic music. But the son is still young and memorizes the Koran – the father expressed his incompetence. Fire Azad did not leave him. Hifz maintained regular contact until the end and occasionally sent members of the Kalarab to investigate.

Recalling the late Ainuddin Al Azad, Hussain Adnan said that before joining the Kalarab artist group, Azad bhai once went to Khulna to do a program. As usual, he came to our house to inquire about me. At that time, I was playing cricket with my friends in the playground near my house. Suddenly, I noticed that Azad Bhai, wearing turban and white turban, was standing in a corner of the field. I played so long in the game. Now it’s the batters’ turn. I thought, I will fight first and then I will meet Azad Bhai. I did it. Azad bhai stood there and waited for my game to be over.

Hussain said, “I’m surprised Azad Bhai has stood up for a little boy for so long.” It must be the sign of his big heart. This motivates me enormously.

Hossain Adnan joined Kolorb in 2009 at the end of Hifz. After that, there was no turning back. He captured the hearts of billions of viewers and listeners by singing one Islamic song after another.

Not only that, ‘Sara Raat Du Chokhe Ghum Naa Naa, Kheer Acho, Kemen Acho – Ma’ sung by Hussain Adnan on ‘Ma’ written by Zafar Ahmad Rabi and composed by Badruzzaman, Nasheed has been watched by 80 million viewers. Apart from that, Nasheed is very popular among Bengali speaking people.

Hossain Adnan is currently one of the senior artists of Kalarab Art Group. In addition, he created the Islamic music production company “Tarana Records”.

Hossein Adnan was born on April 2, 1998. Studying at Madrasa. After completing Hifz, he completed Dawarae Hadith (mastery) from Jamia Islamia Darul Uloom Madrasa. Fazil is currently in his third year at Tamirul Millat Kamil Madrasa in Dhaka and doing honors in Islamic Studies at Islami University.

Hossein Adnan’s father died in 2012. The family consists of an older brother, four sisters and a mother. Outside of his studies, he is currently working with the Kalarab Shili Group and Tarana Records.

Hossein Adnan had a childhood dream: growing up to become a teacher. After a few days, he started dreaming that he would become a doctor and serve people. Dreams also change with age. Right now he said he was trying to qualify to call people to Islam.

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