Hourly radio-television hot talk: Prime Minister


Hourly radio-television hot talk: Prime Minister

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina criticized the private television talk show during a meeting with the party’s upazila council and said, “The Awami League government has approved many private televisions. Now they are criticizing the Awami League after having the chance to speak out. He also said that everyone is talking about digital Bangladesh opportunities on social media.

The Prime Minister said: “There was government television and radio in Bangladesh. We do a lot of television and radio now. Hot discussion every hour. This or that. conversation All against the Awami League. I opened my mouth. You can talk because I’ve made so much room. Otherwise, he couldn’t speak. He says there is no free speech all day. Talk talk on so many TVs. Where do these words come from?

He said, “Bangladesh has gone digital and can talk and deliver speeches on social media. Where would he have had the opportunity to speak on social networks if I had not done Digital Bangladesh?

Stressing that the government had to spend a lot of money to control the corona virus, the head of government said: “We bought all the protective equipment including PPE with our own money and provided it for free. I spent every penny on people. We spent money like water. We don’t have time to see what rules to follow. It was an emergency. I have to buy medicine immediately. I sent it directly by plane. I sent the plane and brought the syringe. A cooling system is required for vaccine storage. We bought and rented them. Air conditioning must be carried out in the corona vaccination center. Does anyone care about these expenses?

Criticizing the media, he said, “In our newspapers and our media, everyone is saying the same thing now. Did they ever find out what we did, how we did it? Corruption corruption, that’s it, where did the money go? The money is spent for everyone. The Awami League did not come to power to corrupt.

Referring to Bangladesh’s development road model today, he said, “Bangladesh is appreciated around the world and some people in our country disagree. They don’t like anything. They don’t like democratic government. Anything undemocratic increases their value. That’s what they think. They want to play this game in Bangladesh. This game has been going on for a long time.

The Prime Minister said: “The country is moving forward today because there is an ongoing democratic process after the 2008 elections. It has regained that status in the world. Earlier, if you heard the name Bangladesh, you would see famine, storm, poverty, etc. with small eyes. Now no one can see with small eyes.

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