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How many women in life, said ‘Dr. G’Ayushman


How many women in life, said ‘Dr. G’Ayushman

Question: Doctor G, this is the third time you have worked with a director. However, men and women cannot be an indicator of good and bad work. Don’t you think, however, that women’s perspectives make a difference, at least in some respects?

Khurana: A director is just a director. But in my experience, a producer brings a lot to the industry. I think the perspective of women is important in progressive work.

Nupoor Asthana in Bewakufian, Ashwini Aiyartiwari in Bareilly Ki Barfi and Dr. Jee Bheet Kashyap, in a word, they are awesome. Let’s just say that female directors don’t have much to do in commercial films. Because there is a barrier. But a film like Dr. G, where there is a dispersion of talent, is best reserved for women.

Question You have broken multiple times due to character needs like being seen with a bald head with hair loss issues. Another cineya was also seen in a character disguised as a woman. And all of those movies were mainstream works, not OTT. Are you ahead of your contemporaries in terms of choice and thought?

Khurana: I think the trust in writers appeared in my first work. The writers began to consider me exceptional. I started getting all the great stories of 2017. I think they (the writers) started writing with me in mind and were convinced that I could get the job. Another thing, the directors of most of my successful films were also beginners. I like to take risks and work with new talents. Working with someone new motivates me to give my best.

Q: And they are fearlessly starting to work on new perspectives, aren’t they?

Khurana: My working style is “fearlessness” and choosing new directors. As you climb the ladder of success, the future You will be more afraid of work. Beginners are exempt.

Q: Your words seem to have given you the confidence to pull off outstanding genre films.

Khurana: I would also like to work with filmmakers like Rohit Shetty, Jaya Akhtar and Raju Hirani. But I always get good scripts from new creators. Some movies, like ‘Andhadhun’. ‘Article 15’ – These showed never-before-seen images of life. After two or three missions, I feel like I have to get out of Gandi. I try this. I get nervous, but that’s the real challenge.

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