How much does it cost to change the battery of an electric car? Read on to find out the details!

How much does it cost to change the battery of an electric car? Read on to find out the details!

#Kolkata: Experts say electric cars are the future. Especially since the price of gasoline and diesel is increasing day by day, economists also suggest buying electric cars. But how much does it really cost to drive a car? Especially when the most valuable thing in such a car is changing the battery or how light is the pocket?

After learning from the experience of an owner of the Tata Nexon electric car. The man changed the battery in his car after driving for 2 years and 68,000 kilometers. The main reason why electric cars are so expensive compared to petrol/diesel cars is the battery and the electric motor. Recently, this Nexon EV user revealed on social media that his battery costs Rs 7 lakh.

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Tata Motors is currently the country’s leading seller of electric vehicles. With the recently launched Nexon EV Prime, Nexon EV Max, Tigor and Tiago EV, Tata is steadily expanding its electric vehicle portfolio. Although the concept is new in India, people have shown great interest in Tata’s electric cars. According to the September 2022 sales chart, Tata tops the list with 82.80% of EV sales. Among them, the best-selling vehicle is the Nexon EV. However, the maintenance of electric vehicles is still unclear.

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People still have doubts about the life of a car battery. But meanwhile one user helped figure out the problem to some extent by changing the battery.

Nexon EV Battery and MotorElectric cars are more expensive than petrol/diesel cars. The main reason for this is the battery and the electric motor. Recently, a Nexon EV user took to social media to reveal that his battery cost Rs 7 lakh, while another Nexon EV owner reported the price to be Rs 4,47,489.

Undoubtedly, they are very expensive, but they are covered by the warranty. Tata Nexon offers a warranty of 1.6 lakh kilometers or 8 years on the battery. If the battery runs out during this period, the customer will receive a new battery free of charge. A Nexon EV owner from Karnataka drove 68,000 km in two years. Battery capacity, however, has decreased significantly over the two years. However, as it is under warranty, Tata Motors replaced the old battery with a new one at no additional cost to their car.

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