How much is Shah Abdul Karim’s royalties?


How much is Shah Abdul Karim’s royalties?

Late folk saint Shah Abdul Karim is the creator of about one and a half thousand songs. In December 2021, the copyright office took the initiative to keep 472 of his songs. The amount of royalties collected on these songs in just six months is “incredible”, commented Jewel Morshed. However, he would not reveal the amount of money.

Jewel Morshed’s company ZM Studio is working on copyright protection of songs on behalf of Shah Abdul Karim’s family.

Jewel Morshed told on Sunday, “I can’t say the amount at this time. It’s stored in the Copyright Office. The Copyright Office may soon announce the amount at a ceremony. and hand over the check to the family of Shah Abdul Karim.

“I can only say that the amount of ‘income’ accumulated in just six months, from last December to June, is incredible. »

Jewel Morshed’s organization was entrusted with the copyright of Shah Abdul Karim songs when Zafar Raja Chowdhury was in charge of the Registrar of Copyright Office.

Jewel said, “Shah Abdul Karim has created more than 1500 songs. We are working to copyright all the songs. Many songs are scattered among his followers. We are trying to copyright all the songs.

Jewel Morshed commented that if Shah Abdul Karim had received royalty money during his lifetime, he could have lived a luxurious life.

“His songs have been used on various TV channels and commercial platforms. If he had received royalty, he could have lived a luxurious life. There was no need to live in financial difficulties.

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